Tomorrows archive photographs taken today.

Great Gidding in Camera

This is a photographic challenge to record as many facets of Great Gidding village, parish life and activity starting now.

We all seem to be equipped with some sort of camera whether its a smart phone or a proper camera we have the capacity to record and archive what we see or is of interest to us. The disappointing part is that they are often hidden away on a computer hard drive and never seen again. What we want here is to record parish life as you see it with some gentle pointers as what we would like to record. The project is open ended but a years worth of photographs should make a decent archive of the period.

Bit of a mixed bag

As you will have observe the pictures cover a wide area of subjects and more will be added as we progress. Subjects like delivery vehicles and service providers. In particular, The Ice Cream van, Library van, supermarket delivery vans (all brands) parcel delivery, service engineers, the milk man. Not only the village but the far flung corners of the parish can be recorded especially big Ash trees.

As they say a picture tells a story but it’s helpful to title the photograph and have a caption. Click on any picture to enlarge it and also the bottom left corner has a slide show facility, click that and your away.

Along with recording the present day life we will include photographs and captions about recent history (living memory) of particular properties such as farms, shops, garages and post office’s. (There have been several in the last 50 years)


Please, please add comments and if you have any photographs of Great Gidding from the past 100 years or more the History Group would love to hear from you

The first section is a gallery of delivery people, vehicles and services that come to the village in 2013.

Beyond the village, photographs from around the Parish

Houses, farms and roads, the infrastructure of the village.

What used to be there. Locations that have a changed use or are no more from from the last 50 years.

All change, a flush of planning applications in 2013 will see some structural changes and more housing stock.

Environmental, a catch all heading for all the other things that make a village and parish.

Miscellaneous, other, other things !






Email your Great Gidding photographs here.

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    Lovely idea. Will get snapping!

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    Missed the ice cream van – damn!!

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    Really want photo’s of super market delivery vans, parcel vans, the milk man, ice cream van and any others who bring a service or delivery to the village. Make sure you include a reasonable background so we know it’s Great Gidding.

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    Page restructured to put photos in categories. Easier on the eye.

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    Should be some interesting shots of the new developments. All change in Gt.Gidding!!

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