Want to be younger, fitter, slimmer, more attractive?

Well, the good news is that our very own Giddings fitness expert, Jack Trolove, can help immediately with two out of those four desires (younger and more attractive will just have to wait – he’s a fitness expert, not a miracle worker).

Seriously, who doesn’t secretly think they should be taking a bit better care of their health & fitness but can’t face the prospect of long, lonely hours at the gym? We all need that extra encouragement and Jack has just launched his own company ‘Jack Trolove Personal Training and Fitness Instructing’ offering one-to-one coaching in your own home or small group coaching at a chosen venue. As Jack says, “A park is an ideal place to train and I’ve devised many exercises simply using the park benches in addition to resistance bands and adjustable dumbbells”.

Jack Trolove Fitness Trainer, Gt GiddingJack Trolove Personal Training and Fitness Instructing

Fitness level to suit your goal

Jack’s qualifications, which he achieved at Moulton College, is as a Level 3 personal trainer, Level 2 fitness and circuit class instructor and he also offers nutritional advice and advises on diet that will maximise the potential of the training. Typically Jack will write an individual fitness programme for you and each session – which can be geared to suit your time schedule – has its own goal. The progress is monitored by progress to the overall goal as well as completion of individual session aims and is reassessed after every session to check if it’s too easy or too hard.

Jack adds, “I can train anyone who has a fitness goal and is physically able to work towards that goal. It doesn’t matter how difficult or far fetched the goal is, if it’s possible I will help you reach it. The hardest part with fitness is getting started. Really push yourself to get going and it will become easy when you start to see progress”.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jack can help you just give him a call for an informal chat on 0787 463 8078 or email: JT.train.me@gmail.com and he will be happy to help.

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