200.15 Chairman’s Welcome
201.15 To receive apologies and reasons for absence
202.15 Member’s Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
203.15 Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
204.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 18th August 2015
205.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
206.15 Communication from District and County Cllrs
207.15 Communication from Parish Cllrs
208.15 Communication from Village Hall Committee (VHC)
209.15 Clerk’s report
210.15 Correspondence received, inc:-
a) Email, (copying in the PC), from resident, regarding the development of a large rut in Gains Lane following recent works
b) Email – Police, Rebecca Avery, Outreach community information
c) Email – HDC, draft consultation Cambridgeshire Flood and Water Supplementary Planning Document
d) Email, CCC, Eleanor Bell, improving communication with the community
e) Email, CCC, Simon Bywater, Councillors as Connectors, Financial Challenge and Response
f) Email, CCC, Cambridgeshire Energy Switch Scheme
g) Email, CCC, Simon Bywater, New Convent allows communities to help local armed forces
211.15 Finance, inc:-
a) Payment of accounts
£305.21 – Salaries (STO)
£14.45 – BT August payment (DD)
£250.74 (41.79 VAT) – Refund to Cllr Alexander, purchase of notice board
£74.60 (inc. postage) – Refund to C Bradley, purchase of Arnold Baker reference book
£15.30 – HDC, Clothing bin rebate
b) To note the reconciled bank account balance
212.15 Planning
213.15 Health and safety matters, inc:-
Update on:
a) Gains Lane, overhanging branches – Clerk
b) Brook at the back of the jitty, update – Clerk
214.15 Update regarding recent drain work in Gains Lane – Cllr Alexander
215.15 Discussion of Parish Councillor’s/Trustee’s training needs
216.15 Tree survey, update – Cllr Alexander
217.15 Update on Village Sign work – Cllr James218.15 Policy review, inc:-
Risk Assessment, update – Cllr James
219.15 To review the grass cutting schedule
220.15 To consider maximising investments
221.15 Items to be included in the next CLARION
222.15 Items for discussion on the next agenda
223.15 Date of next meeting
This section of the meeting is closed to the public
Staffing Matters
224.15 To discuss an increase in the Clerk’s weekly hours

CCC – Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC – Huntingdonshire County Council
PC – Parish Council

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