Farmer on a bicycle, occasional ramblings…….

Farmer on a bicycle, occasional ramblings.......

Farmer on a bicycle, the ramblings of an arable farmer and his bike excursions.


I’ve always felt compelled to write something but never quite sure what. Over the past few years cycling has become a big part of my leisure time. A chance to get away from the highly compressed day to day workings of an arable farm and see what everyone else is up to from the “comfort” of the bike saddle. So why not write about the cycling excursions and what’s observed in the fields and on the road. Here is the first one, a bit of a scene setter.


The bike, the kit, the bits

Cycling is riding the crest of a wave at the moment in all its forms. My particular thing is long distance day rides so the bike I use is Genesis Datum 20 on 700 x 32 tyres. This is best described as a relaxed frame with tyres that allow a certain amount of off road exploration on gravel or dirt track as long as its dry.

The kit, yes I do lycra and for good reason, it works in respect of sweat removal, cool riding and allows wind to pass around the body easier (the body could be a little more aerodynamic, working on it) Padded shorts, good quality gel inserts so no saddle sores. My top is from the Primal range, likeable designs and catering for the extra and extra extra large end of the waist/chest size measurements. I use clip in shoes and for summer riding Shimano sandals, so no mucking about with socks.

The bits, this is really about route building, mapping and recording the journey. Anyone who runs, walks or cycles with a passion will record their efforts. My cycling is based around the popular Strava application ( there are many others) Routes are built on a PC and then out on the road the route is downloaded to a mobile phone and you just follow the blue line. This would be for the big rides into unfamiliar areas.

The Bike rides

That’s enough about the kit as important as it is what about the cycle rides. This year things were slow to get going as the cold spring dragged on and wasnt that conducive to enjoyable cycling, but then summer arrived and has not let go so we have been putting in some Sunday miles mostly rides of around 60 miles. I choose rural locations and use the quiet  roads where possibible. ITs not a speed thing 12 to 14mph is the usual average speed and a ride usually last 5 t0 7 hours with a couple of coffee and cake stops where possible.

In the last few weeks I have “gone large” so to speak, three consecutive rides of over 100 miles. The first was a 108 mile loop around Norwich without actually seeing Norwich, the second was a linear ride to Southwold of 110 miles and just yesterday (7/7/18) an amble down to Ampthill and back of 103 miles.


So what of the farming activity seen, being in the run up to the cereal harvest not much to say other than the crops are ripening fast and the only observed farming activity was some Oil Seed Rape being harvested in fields by the Staughton Moor road. I think the pace will pick up this coming week.


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