St Michael’s Church closure

St Michael’s Church will be closed for the foreseeable future. At the moment the church is full of scaffolding and therefore inaccessible.

St Michael's Church Great Gidding closed for repairsRestoration in the north aisle being carried out

This is to enable the appropriate work of restoration in the north aisle to be carried out, arising from damage to the plaster as a result of the lead theft. This involves the removal and re-plastering of the wall. This work will take up to six weeks.

At the same time, the opportunity has been taken to remove the cracked plaster from the north side of the chancel arch, so as to expose the stonework behind and determine what work needs to be carried out to rectify the situation with the movement here.

Health and safety

This work obviously creates a dusty atmosphere. Additionally, when the plastering begins, this introduces plaster dust etc into the atmosphere, which not good for anyone to inhale. Therefore health and safety decrees we shut the church until such time as everything has been resolved and building is safe to use..

Therefore, if for any reason, you require access to the church, please contact John DeVal first on 01832 293417.

This closure means:

Evensong on Sunday 21st October is cancelled
The 11am service of Holy Communion on Sunday 4th November is moved from St Michael’s to St John’s Church, Little Gidding.

St Michael's Church Great Gidding closed for repairsRemoval of the cracked plaster from the north side of the chancel arch

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