"Pop up" Jubilee Wood Knowledge Share

The third knowledge share will take place on Sunday the 9th of June from 2.30pm.

The theme this time will be Grass Identification so possibly not one for hay fever sufferers. The Jubilee Wood supports many species of the well known grasses and probably a few less well known. Come along and share your knowledge with others

Previously –

At the first Knowledge Share we discussed the planting of the wood, the types of trees, who was actually there in 2003 and the hard work that has gone on ever since to create a useful resource for the village.

The second Knowledge Share on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon saw the group peering into the pond to discuss pond creature in, on and above. We also dug a frog and toad abode and witnessed one of natures quirky weather effects when on a perfectly calm day the wind suddenly picked up and lifted the Pop Up tent several feet and gently set it down again. A summer whirlwind, no damage done but an interesting spectacle for a few minutes.

Looking ahead to our 4th event

The July Knowledge Share – Sunday 14th from 2.30pm

‘Nature & Well Being’ – “A Journey through the senses” With an opportunity to do some practical exercises in and around the wood. This event is kindly being led by Rachel Giddens.

Following on straight after, the Jubilee Wood Summer Picnic is back on the Great Gidding social calendar from 4pm. The large village event tent will be erected to guarantee a hot and sunny afternoon. Bring your picnic hampers and celebrate a traditional English summers pastime. To help select the right dress code please refer to the pictures below.

Previous Summer Picnics

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