Townsend Pond

The big clean out Townsend Pond or the Horse Pond as it is known in the village had reached crisis point. Almost completely silted up and giving off a foul smell when the water was low, it was becoming a bit of an environmental hazard. Long gone

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The Great Gidding Close Up Quiz – The Answers

The Great Gidding Close Up Quiz - The Answers

Welcome to The Great Gidding Close up Quiz. If you lived in the village at the time of the Golden Jubilee celebration in 2002 you will recall that we offered a paper based quiz that asked you to identify close up photographs of certain locations around the Parish

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Polio and the ‘Purple Pinky’ and crocuses in front of the church

Polio is a terrible crippling disease.  It was once the major cause of disability.  Before 1988 there were over 350,000 cases reported per year worldwide.  Now it is down to about a 1,000 cases per year.  India use to have more cases than anywhere else.  Now it

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