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Look out for AlfredWhy not follow the Great Gidding Newt Trail?

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  • A fifth in the beautiful Autumn Lights series
    A fifth in the beautiful Autumn Lights series
    Gidding resident and artist Geoff Goddard has sent us the fifth one of his beautiful paintings in the series called ‘Autumn Lights’ which at 90cm...
  • Conrad the cormorant
    Conrad the cormorant
    We had a fleeting visitor to Great Gidding on Tuesday, a cormorant, which was first reported outside the end bungalow in Mill Road and then...
  • Lost dog
    Last seen in Alconbury. Nervous and scared so please don’t shout or chase. Please report any sightings by calling: 07917 680151 or 07557 655755...
  • Little Gidding aerial photograph, Spring 2021
    Springtime aerial photographs of Little Gidding
    A few aerial photographs of St John’s Church, Ferrar House and the surrounding community in Little Gidding taken early May 2021....
  • Jubilee Wood blossom
    A springtime tribute to Lois Jordan
    This beautiful flowering cherry tree was planted in the Jubilee Wood in October 2014, firstly in memory of Lois Jordan and secondly to thank Lois...

Jubilee Wood blog

  • Maintenance in Jubilee Wood
    Jubilee Wood Autumn Update
    The Jubilee wood has been a great place to visit during the long days of CV19 lock down and it will continue to offer a fresh air destination during the...
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  • Jubilee Wood Maintenance Dates
    Jubilee Wood Maintenance Dates
    Time again for a community effort to trim, plant, shape and prune Two dates Saturday 28th November and Saturday 5th December (if needed) have been set a side to carry...
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