Neighbourhood Plan - Surveys available soon

After multiple discussions the Neighbourhood Plan team of the Giddings, Winwick and Hamerton have created 4 surveys covering each parish plus the businesses.

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Online and printed forms

There will be an online version and also a printed version of the surveys available. If you can, online would be our preferred way of completing the form as it reduces transcription errors. 

NB. You will be asked to enter your unique 6 digit reference number found on the first page of paper version of your Residential Survey.

These surveys are currently being printed and will be delivered over the weekend of 29th/30th April.

Online form access

Once you have received your paper version of the form with your unique reference number your will be able to access the 4 survey forms via these unique web links:


Great and Little Gidding:


Hamerton and Steeple Gidding:

Please complete by 15th May

We would like all of the surveys completed by Monday 15th May. The results are a vital input into our Neighbourhood Plan. A proposed plan should be handed over to Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) for comments by the end of the year. Once agreed by HDC it will then be reviewed by an independent examiner before finally being adopted by HDC as part of their planning process.

Thank you

Your help and support is greatly appreciated by the team. If you would like someone to visit and help fill out the survey, please ring Paul Hargrave on 07775 711514.  If you have any questions, please contact the team on

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    Talking to Aruna and Jed in the Great Gidding shop, some residents believe the unique number on the survey means the Neighbourhood Plan team know who has filled out the survey. Alas we are not that organised or Machiavellian. This number is used by the system we use to avoid duplicates and fake entries. None of the team know who has filled in survey, unless you tell us your email address.

    Without your response we may draw the wrong conclusions on how the community want the parishes to develop. Thank you to everyone who has filled in the survey.

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