2022-06-21 Minutes of the Great & Little Gidding Parish Council meeting


Minutes of the meeting held at Great Gidding Village Hall on Tuesday 21 June 2022

Present:  Cllrs Hodson, Moody, D’Altilia and Maciag,  and the Clerk.

036.22 Councillor Hodson, as Chairman, welcomed those present.

037.22 To receive apologies and reasons for absence:

            County Councillor Gardener – holiday

            District Councillor Alban – another meeting

            Councillor Bolton – holiday

            Councillor Pudney – work commitment        

038.22 There were no Member’s declarations of Disclosable Interests for items on the Agenda.

039.22 No member of the press or public attended the meeting.

040.22 Minutes of the meeting held on 17th May 2022 were confirmed as a true and correct record – acceptance proposed by Cllr Macaig and seconded by Cllr Hodson.                        

041.22 There were no matters arising from those Minutes that will not be discussed as an agenda item.

042.22 To receive reports from Councillors and Clerk:

The Clerk reminded those present about the Neighbourhood Plan meeting to be held at Grafham Village Hall on 23rd June – Cllr Macaig will attend, accompanied by 3 parishioners.

Cllr Hodson had attended a lunch at the School and advised that the Headteacher will be leaving at the end of term in July.

043.22 An application for Co-option to the Parish Council has been received from Mrs     Andrea Hargrave – Cllr Hodson proposed acceptance and this was seconded by Cllr D’Altilia.


            a) to note Barclays Bank statements for Parish Council account

b) PAYMENTS – the following payments were unanimously approved:

 WhoWhat forTOTALInvoice includes VAT amountAuthorisedAuthorised
 J R TroloveWages for April (36 hours)Xxx~JRT 
 Bradgate Ground Maintenance (675)  Grass cutting of Rec Field199.3233.22JRT 
 CANALBSInternal Audit167.33~  
 Huntingdonshire District CouncilElection cost132.58~  
 Huntingdonshire District CouncilRates for Rec Field11.26~  
  • to approve Clerk’s working hours for May – total of 30 – approved by all
  • The internal auditor’s report had been received and is attached.  The Clerk shared matters that were discussed with the auditor.
  •  AGAR and associated paperwork were signed and will be sent to the External Auditor.

045.22 Planning Applications and Planning matters:

Proposal: Retrospective planning consent for a Garden Storage and Hobby Room
Site Address: 19 Chapel End Great Gidding

Reference: 21/01589/HHFUL – details emailed to Parish Councillors on 27/5/2022 – no responses received, therefore Clerk emailed Planning Dept stating no observations either for or against.

There are no further planning applications.

046.22 Review of Financial Regulations – held over until July meeting

047.22 Review of Standing Orders – held over until July meeting

048.22 Review of Risk Management Policy  – held over until July meeting

049.22 Training opportunities for Councillors and Clerk:

            Councillor Training (online via ZOOM)

            Saturday 23rd July – 9.30 to 3.30PM –  (FD) fully booked

            Additional dates added:

Saturday 9th July – JM

Saturday 3rd September – KM

Tuesdays – 11/18/15 October

050.22 Recreation Ground:

            a) Wicksteed inspection made on 9th June – report shared with Councillors at the meeting, the report will be forwarded with these Minutes.

            b) MUGA planning approval received – Cllr Macaig will seek quotes to establish a budget for this project and it will then be discussed how funding should be obtained.

051.22 Section 137:

            A parishioner has proposed the revival of the pre-COVID midweek coffee mornings, to be based in the Village Hall (rather than in individual’s homes).  Funding was requested to support this activity, potentially to cover the cost of hire of the Village Hall.  As Councillors are also Trustees of the Village Hall, it was proposed by Cllr Hodson that Village Hall hire fees would be waived for the first six months of coffee mornings, this was unanimously agreed by those present.

            Events had been held over the Jubilee weekend.  A donation of £17.00 has been paid to the Gidding Charity from the Petanque and Picnic event – the Parish Council had allocated £300 to this event, £144.00 = the total costs, with donations requested towards food and drink, there was an excess of donations over costs, hence £17.00.  In addition, the Parish Council will transfer £127.00 to the Gidding Charity.  Also, donations for refreshments at the Jubilee Display in the Village Hall raised £14.10 for Gidding Charity. 

052.22 Correspondence received since 17th May 2022 (other than that discussed in agenda items above).

            a) NALC newsletters – dated 17 May – booking for Neighbourhood planning event on 29 June/18 May/7 June/14/6 – various events and surveys/20/5 – Levelling Up/23/5 report of meeting regarding Levelling Up/25 May – hybrid conference/27/5 – star council awards/31/5 – local council awards scheme/1/6 – newsletter/1/6 -chief execs bulletin and 10/6/ 15/6 – various/        

b) Neighbourhood Alert –  18/5 email Paedophile Online Investigation Team /Neighbourhood Watch Week (with John Bishop) 5th June/email 20/5-scam emails/23/5, 30/5, 6/6, 14/6 – news from the Courts/30/5 – setting up Huntingdonshire Neighbourhood Watch – volunteers needed/31/5 – volunteers thank you/7/6 -meet the team/8/6 = join a lottery, only £1 per week/9/6 – survey about their service (Clerk responded)/13/6 – newsletter/

c) Cambridgeshire ACRE – email dated 25/5 – invite to webinar re. affordable housing Weds 6th July at 2PM/27/5 – rural touring promoters/30/5 – grant scheme for improving Village Halls/6/6 – Insurance also Everyday Premises Management training session/10/6 – Charity Commission consultation/

d) CAPALC email dated – June bulletin forwarded on 10/6/8/6 – carbon literacy test/13/3 – sector finance survey/13/6 – changes to drop in sessions/

e) Cambs CC email dated 31/5 – CAMBRIDGESHIRE Matters newsletter/

f) Hunts DC email dated  18/5 – new leader, cabinet members and Annual Meeting/24/5 – CIL funding round 1/31/5 – shared service CCTV/8/6 – summer holiday activities/10/6 – press release re. river frontage at Godmanchester/13/6 – press release re. new boat shed at St Ives/15/6 – invitation to Parish Council forum at Burgess Hall, St Ives on Weds 20 July/17/6 – Think Communities newsletter

g) Economic Development Huntingdonshire DC invest@huntingdonshire.gov.uk – weekly Business News – email dated 19/5/26 May/9 June/

h) email dated 17 May – Hunts Forum Volunteer Awards, which this year will be held at Hinchinbrook Park on Thursday 14th July between 5.30 pm–7 pm. )

g) Greater Cambridge Partnership – email dated 16/5, Environmental Impact Assessment Public Consultation 16 May to 11 July – Cambourne to Cambridge public transport route/ email 23/5 – a new road classification for Cambridge (city roads)/25/5 – invite to join Community Forums/Combined Authority – transport survey

h)BHIB (insurance) – renewal confirmation

i) Milton (Peterborough)Estates – an email has been received advising of the proposed development of Main Street site.

j) Cambs CC Highways Dept – TRRO application has been received which covers many roads within Cambridgeshire, including Great Gidding, and is in respect of resurfacing works over the next 2 years.

If you wish to see items of correspondence or obtain the links to online surveys, please contact the Parish Clerk.

053.22 Items for next meeting:

            Risk Management Policy and Risk Assessments

            Annual Parish Council Budget

Review of Financial Regulations

            Review of Standing Orders

053.22 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th JULY  2022

starting at 1930 hours in the Village Hall, Great Gidding.

Meeting closed at 20.53