Minutes of the Great Gidding Charity Trustee meeting held on Tuesday 18th November 2014 in the Village Hall

The trustees, unanimously, agreed the minutes of 21st October 2014 to be a true record of events.  Trustee Alexander signed the page.

4.14 Reports from Trustees inc:-

Allotments – unworked plots
Trustee Howden informed the group that following the letter, regarding overgrown plots, went out to the relevant allotment holders, all bar one had been cleared.  The group discussed and agreed for Trustee Hayden to speak to the offending allotment holder to encourage works to be actioned.
Clerk added that she had received a response from a recipient of the letter, referred to above, and was advised that he did not take up an allotment, as was believed.  Clerk was requested to investigate whether payment was received and report back.
Jubilee Wood – winter maintenance and pond risk assessment.
After a discussion, it was, unanimously, agreed for the Clerk to contact the Community Payback Team to investigate the possibility of maintaining the Jubilee Wood.  Clerk to action.
Clerk was requested to gather risk assessment information for the pond, ready for the next meeting, to be reviewed.
Chapel End Pond – winter maintenance.
Trustee Hodson advised that maintenance had begun.
Horse Pond – winter maintenance and gate possibility.
After discussion it was agreed that on the existing risk assessment it was suggested that a gate be added to the pond.  Clerk was requested to gather risk assessment information, ready for the next meeting, to be reviewed.

Trustees requested the Clerk add the New Pond in the Jubilee Wood to the next agenda.

Date of next meeting: 20th January 2015

Meeting closed at 9.40pm




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