Minutes of the meeting of the Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charity Trustee meeting held on 21st April 2015

Present: Trustees Alexander (Chair), James, Giddens, Hodson, Hayden and the Clerk
Members of the public: None
This impromptu meeting was called to discuss and respond to newly received correspondence.
25.15 Apologies and reasons for absence
Trustee Howden, apology accepted.
26.15 Member’s declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
27.15 Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
28.15 Update of 48 Main Street boundary
Letter received from Land Registry, 16th April, asking for the Trustees decision on whether they would like to continue negotiations with The Tall House Limited.
Clerk requested to respond on behalf of the Trustees to reiterate that the Trustees are not and have not entered into any sort of negotiations with The Tall House Limited regarding the boundary of 48 Main Street. Letter filed with minutes.
Meeting closed 9.20pm

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