To be held in the Village Hall, 7.30pm

145.15 Chairman’s Welcome
146.15 To receive apologies and reasons for absence
147.15 Member’s Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
148.15 Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
149.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 16th June 2015
150.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
151.15 Communication from District and County Cllrs
152.15 Communication from Parish Cllrs
153.15 Communication from Village Hall Committee (VHC)
154.15 Clerk’s report, inc:-
Status of invoicing of parish land
155.15 Correspondence received, inc:-
a) Email – CCC, Local Highway Improvement initiative
b) Email – CCC, Part-night Lighting implementation
c) Email – HDC, Gambling Act 2005 Draft statement of Principles consultation
d) Email (letter) – CCC, Public Rights of Way grass cutting update
e) Email – HDC, Licensing Act 2003 Draft Statement of Licensing Policy consultation
f) Email – HDC, Houghton and Wyton Submission Neighbourhood Plan,
g) Email – The Rural Services Network, survey
h) Email – East Northamptonshire Council, Pre-Submission North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy,
i) Email – Village Hall Committee – WW2 event cancellation and Parish Council contribution
156.15 Finance, inc:-
a) Payment of accounts
£305.21 – Salaries (STO)
£14.07 – BT June payment (DD)
£102.89 – CGM, grass cutting (CHQ)
£40.78 – Anglian Water, Rec Field
£2.50 – Stationery, (paper, staples) (CHQ)
£35.00 – Data Protection Registration renewal
b) To note the reconciled bank account balance
157.15 To receive a quotation from CGM Group to spray weeds in the areas of hard standing around the Village Hall, not including the removal of dead weeds.
158.15 Planning
159.15 Health and safety matters, inc:-
Update on:
a) The state of the jitty – Clerk
b) Gains Lane, overhanging branches – Clerk
160.15 Play equipment on the recreation ground, update – Cllr James
161.15 Tree survey, update – Cllr Alexander
162.15 Village Hall notice board replacement, update – Cllr Alexander
163.15 Update regarding use of Community Payback Team – Cllr James
164.15 Update on Village Sign work – Cllr James
165.15 Approval of ‘Welcome Pack’ for new residents to the village
166.15 Policy review, inc:-
Risk Assessment, update – Cllr Alexander
167.15 Update on the Summer CLARION
168.15 Items for discussion on next agenda
169.15 Date of next meeting
This section of the meeting is closed to the public
Staffing Matters
170.15 To confirm the completion of the Clerk’s annual appraisal and confirm actions
171.15 To discuss a request from the Clerk for her to work from home during school holiday periods

CCC – Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC – Huntingdonshire County Council

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