Minutes of the meeting of the Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charity Trustee meeting held on 18th August 2015

Present: Trustees Alexander (Chair), Giddens, Howden, Hayden and the Clerk
Members of the public: None

52.15 Apologies and reasons for absence
Trustees Hodson and James sent their apologies and these were accepted.
53.15 Member’s declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
54.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 21st July 2015
Minutes were, unanimously, approved as a true record of the meeting. Trustee Alexander signed and dated them.
55.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
56.15 Update of 48 Main Street boundary, inc:-
Letter received from prospective purchaser 29th July 2015
Letter received from The Tall House 5th August 2015
Additional letter which should have been on the agenda
Letter received from Land Registry 22nd July 2015
The letters were reviewed. The Clerk also informed the PC that the prospective buyer had contacted her by email, ahead of this meeting, to request a brief meeting with a Trustee or Village Hall Committee member to establish the access measurements ahead of his imminent exchange of contracts on the property. The Chair of the committee had offered to meet with him.
Trustee Alexander explained that The Tall House had withdrawn their claim of right of way over the Parish Council’s land, however, if the new owners intended to place a claim, they could start the process again.
57.15 Items for discussion on next agenda
Continuing discussions, no new items.
58.15 Date of next meeting
15th September 2015
Meeting closed 9.05pm

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