To members of the council:
You are hereby summoned to attend the
Great & Little Gidding Meeting of the Parish Council
on Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 7.30pm
in the Village Hall, for the purpose of transacting the following business.
Members of the Press and Public are invited to attend and participate.  If you wish to address the council, please inform the Clerk or Chair ahead of the meeting.  Thank you.

253.15 Chairman’s Welcome
254.15 To receive apologies and reasons for absence
255.15 Member’s Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
256.15 Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
257.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 20th October 2015
258.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
259.15 Communication from District and County Cllrs
260.15 Communication from Parish Cllrs
261.15 Communication from Village Hall Committee (VHC)
262.15 Clerk’s report
263.15 Correspondence received, inc:-
a) Letter – Connecting Cambridgeshire, Superfast Broadband connection update
b) Letter – SLCC, Membership renewal
c) Letter – Local Government Boundary Commission for England, further limited consultation in Cambridge
d) Email – Flood & Water Team, CCC, Riparian Responsibilities for Flood Risk
e) Email – HDC, Huntingdonshire District Council Elections
f) Email – HDC, Community Infrastructure Levy
g) Emailed letter – CGM, confirmation of Liability Insurance 19/10/15 – 19/10/16
264.15 Approval of membership renewal with Society of Local Council Clerks @ £88.00
265.15 Finance, inc:-
a) Payment of accounts
£305.21 – Salaries (STO)
£21.67 – C Bradley, additional Hours (2, as agreed in min ref. 251.15) (CHQ)
£15.64 – (£2.60 VAT) BT October payment (DD)
b) To note the reconciled bank account balance
266.15 To approve the budget for 2015/16 and to complete the application for the precept.
267.15 Planning, inc:-
a) 17 Mill Road, Great Gidding App.ref. 15/01766/HHFUL
Proposed first floor extension
b) 6 Luddington Road, Great Gidding App. ref. 15/01649/HHFUL
Remodelling and single storey extension to existing group of out buildings to form a single residential unit ancillary to the existing dwelling
For planning info:
268.15 Health and safety matters, inc:-
Update on:
a) Fallen branch from poplar tree on the recreation ground – Cllr James
b) Gains Lane, overhanging branches – Clerk
c) Brook at the back of the jitty – Clerk
d) Overgrown vegetation on the bend, leading to Winwick – Cllr James
269.15 Update regarding recent drain work in Gains Lane – Cllr James
270.15 Update on Chapel End surface dressing – Cllr James
271.15 Parish Councillor’s/Trustee’s training – Clerk
272.15 Tree survey, update – Clerk
273.15 Poplars on the Recreation Ground
274.15 Update on Village Sign work – Cllr James
275.15 Policy review, inc:-
To adopt the Risk Assessment – Cllr James
276.15 Grit/Salt box order and siting confirmation
277.15 Parish Council Elections, May 2016 – All
278.15 Items to be included in the next CLARION
279.15 Items for discussion on the next agenda
280.15 Date of next meeting

CCC – Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC – Huntingdonshire County Council
PC – Parish Council

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