Great & Little Gidding Parish Council Parish Council office, Village Hall, Main Street, Great Gidding, Huntingdon PE28 5NU
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281.15 Chairman’s Welcome
282.15 To receive apologies and reasons for absence
283.15 Member’s Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
284.15 Public and press participation session with respect to items on the agenda
285.15 To confirm and accept minutes of 17th November 2015
286.15 Matters arising from minutes (information only)
287.15 Communication from Parish Cllrs
288.15 Update on the Parish Clerk vacancy
289.15 Finance, inc:-
a) Payment of accounts
£305.21 – Salaries (STO)
£21.67 – C Bradley, additional Hours (2, as agreed in min ref. 251.15) (CHQ)
£20.79 – C Bradley, stationery reimbursement (CHQ)
£15.33 – (£2.55 VAT) BT November payment (DD)
£54.00 – (£9.00 VAT) Wicksteed Playgrounds (CHQ)
£20.00 – CARESCO, Clerk’s vacancy advertisement (CHQ)
£701.74 – (£116.96 VAT) Eastern Tree Surgery – (deferred payment, min ref. 272.15) (CHQ)
£25.00 – Royal British Legion (receipt to be sent when payment received) (CHQ)
b) To note the reconciled bank account balance
c) To remove C Bradley from the banking mandate
d) To stop STO for C Bradley’s monthly wage
290.15 Items for discussion on the next agenda
291.15 Date of next meeting

CCC – Cambridgeshire County Council
HDC – Huntingdonshire County Council
PC – Parish Council


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