2022-07-19 Great & Little Gidding Parish Council Minutes


Minutes of the meeting held at Great Gidding Village Hall on Tuesday 19 July 2022

Present:  Cllrs Hodson, Bolton, Moody, Hargrave and Maciag,  and the Clerk. 1 member of the public was present.

054.22 Councillor Hodson, as Chairman, welcomed those present.

055.22 To receive apologies and reasons for absence:

            County Councillor Gardener – another meeting

            District Councillor Alban – holiday

            Councillor D’Altilia – work commitment

            Councillor Pudney – work commitment        

056.22 There were no Member’s declarations of Disclosable Interests for items on the Agenda, but the Clerk declared a financial interest in the 063.22c) and would leave the room for discussion of this item.

057.22 Member of the public present to discuss 062.22.

058.22 Minutes of the meeting held on 21st June 2022 were confirmed as a true and correct record – acceptance proposed by Cllr Maciag and seconded by Cllr Hodson.                        

059.22 There were no matters arising from those Minutes that will not be discussed as an agenda item.

060.22 To receive reports from Councillors and Clerk:

Cllr Hodson had met with the Head of the village School, who is about to move to another post.  He had been advised that there will be 3 children entering Reception class in September.


            a) the up to date Finance Spreadsheet will be shared with these Minutes.

b) PAYMENTS – the following payments were unanimously approved:

 WhoWhat forTOTALInvoice includes VAT amountAuthorisedAuthorised
 J R TroloveWages for May (30 hours)Xxx~JRT 
 Bradgate Ground Maintenance (733)Grass cutting of Rec Field199.3233.22JRT 
 Catalyst DesignWebsite hosting and domain name179.0429.84JRT 
 Transfer to Gidding Charity Account – Jubilee BBQS137127.00~JRT 
 Information Commissioners Office (DUE 23/8/2022)Renewal of data protection fee40~  
 J P Macaig – reimbursement agreed at previous meetingSlats for bench on Rec. Ground188.28   
 Julie Trolove – reimbursementDog waste bags10.00~  
  • to approve Clerk’s working hours for June – total of 28 – approved by all
  • Budget review – Cllr Hodson explained the current Budget and the various headings used and reasons behind the various budgets.   He answered various questions from Councillors regarding the Budget .  Cllr Moody suggested that a budget may need to be created for the Neighbourhood Plan in the future.

062.22 Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Maciag had attended a meeting organised by Grafham Parish Council, with others from the Parish, and others from local Parish Councils.  He outlines the stages that a Neighbourhood Plan must go through, in consultation with Huntingdonshire District Council at various stages and, above all, including and involving the community in the process.  Grafham had combined with Ellington to complete their plan and suggested that this Parish Council could combine with a neighbouring Parish.  A team of up to 10 (dependent on being 1 or more Parishes) would be required to devise the Plan with regular meetings, taking minutes and evidencing work carried out.  The Clerk was asked to contact Hunts DC to enquire if they would support the joining with another Parish, before an approach was made to neighbouring parishes.

063.22 Planning Applications and Planning matters –

            a) Received by email on 1 July 2022

            Proposal: Partial removal of garden room and replacement front glazing and roof.
Site Address: 2 Dells Close Great Gidding Huntingdon
Reference: 22/01358/HHFUL

            Decision required by 22 July 2022

            No observations either for or against this proposal

            b) Received by email on 6 July 2022

            Proposal: Proposed 2 storey, and single storey rear extension.
Site Address: 6 Winwick Road Great Gidding Huntingdon
Reference: 22/01360/HHFUL

Decision required by 27 July 2022

No observations either for or against this proposal

c) received by email on 14 July 2022 (Clerk will leave the room for this item)

Proposal: Residential Development of up to 8 dwellings.
Site Address: 91 Main Street Great Gidding Huntingdon
Reference: 21/02188/OUT

Decision required by 27 July 2022

No observations either for or against this proposal

d) provision of a disabled parking bay – this arrived on the afternoon of the meeting and was added to the agenda.  Observations made were that there would now be 4 disabled parking bays, not all joined together, with the School bus stop inbetween.  Clerk will enquire of HuntsDC could review the requirements for parking bays to see if they could be altered to meet the current needs of residents.

064.22 Review of Financial Regulations – no amendments required – Cllr Hodson proposed and Cllr Maciag seconded.

065.22 Review of Standing Orders – no amendments required – Cllr Hodson proposed and Cllr Maciag seconded.

066.22 Review of Risk Management Policy  – no amendment required – Cllr Hodson proposed and Cllr Maciag seconded.

067.22 Training opportunities for Councillors and Clerk:

            Councillor Training (online via ZOOM)

            Saturday 23rd July – 9.30 to 3.30PM –  Cllr D’Altilia to attend

            Saturday 3rd September – Cllr Moody to attend

Cllr Hargrave will be advised of any full day training sessions offered in October

068.22 Cllr Maciag’s feed back on his training session – the trainer advised that a Councillor should not be a volunteer, discussion followed with no absolute conclusion other than, if acting as a volunteer, there must be insurance in place to cover such activities.

069.22 Recreation Ground:

              MUGA – Cllr Maciag had obtained quotes for provision of the MUGA, both in the region of £60,000 +VAT – this could be either asphalt or Astro surface.

              The next step is to consider how to fund this project, possibility of a Public Works Loan Board grant, fund raising and grants through other organisations will be investigated.  Cllr Hargrave offered to assist with admin and applications.   

              The Parish Council is registered for VAT and could claim back this amount.

overview of proposed budget for the project and what it entails.

071.22 Cllr D’Altilia’s feedback on research for a messaging service between Parish Council and residents – this discussion will be deferred to the next meeting.

072.22 Cllr D’Altilia’s request for consideration of a logo/coat of arms for Parish Council identity – Cllr D’Altilia will be asked to create 3 logos to be shared on the next Gidding News for parishioners to vote on.

073.22 Seats in Main Street – a resident had observed that the seats opposite the Village Hall and village shop are looking shabby. A volunteer repainted the woodwork of the Village Hall seat last year but this had not weathered well.  No observations were made regarding this matter.  

074.22 Correspondence received since 21st June 2022 (other than that discussed in agenda items above). There were no comments or observations on the following items.

            a) NALC newsletters – dated 24/6, 27/6 list of events and 5/7 and 12/7, 6/7 newsletter, 8/7 chief execs bulletin,

b) Neighbourhood Alert –  email dated 22/6 Parking, speeding, drugs and weapons priorities for Huntingdonshire

email dated 23/6 Appeal after attempted distraction burglary

Latest from the courts 27/06/2022 and 4/7 and 11/7

Email dated 29/6 Strategy to end violence against women and girls taking shape

Email dated 1/7 – Car wash visits combat modern slavery

Email dated 4/7 – historical murder on TV

4/7 – July newsletter

6/7 – Warning following rise in motorbike thefts

11/7 – COMMUNITY SAFETY CHARTER launched to tackle crimes in public spaces

12/7 – Over 12 million suspicious emails reported by the public

12/7 – Warning following thefts from vehicles

c) Cambridgeshire ACRE – email dated 23/6 re footpaths and rights of way, email dated 29/6 Power to Change survey, dated 4/7 – how to make your premises GREEN, accessible and energy efficient,

email dated 5/7 re Little Thetford MUGA rental contract (future contact)

d) CAPALC email dated – June bulletin forwarded on

e) Cambs CC email dated 29/6 – Cambridgeshire Matters June newsletter, shared with Parish Councillors, email dated 12/7 re. Flood Resilience Day which will take place in Hilton, at the Hilton Village Hall Car Park, Grove End, Hilton, Huntingdon, PE28 9PF on Saturday 23rd July from 10am to 4pm.

Email dated 14/7 – Road Safety Education team newsletter

f) Hunts DC email dated  27/6, new play area at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, 27/6 new round of CIL funding applications and 1/7 CIL funding application form

email dated 29/6 – Sustainable Communities Business Pledge award. 

Email dated 1/7 – volunteers required for Countryside services.

Email dated 14/7 – don’t lose your right to vote

g) Economic Development Huntingdonshire DC invest@huntingdonshire.gov.uk – weekly Business News – email dated 22/6, newsletter dated 30/6 and 7/7 and 12/7

h) Greater Cambridge Partnership – email dated

i) acknowledgement email dated 24/6 from PKF Littlejohn – external auditors

j) Keep Britain Tidy – Parks week starting 29th July, resources available and again 15/7

k) invite to Clerks Finance Summit on 7/9/2022 (includes CIL funding workshop)

l)  email dated 7/9 -vacancy for Parish Clerk at Holme

m) email dated 14/7 – North Northants Council survey re houses of multiple occupancy

If you wish to see items of correspondence or obtain the links to online surveys, please contact the Parish Clerk.

075.22 Items for next meeting:

            Parish Coat of Arms.

Clerk’s appraisal         

076.22 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 16th August  2022

starting at 1930 hours in the Village Hall, Great Gidding.

Meeting closed at 20.53

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