2022-11-15 Minutes of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held at Great Gidding Village Hall on Tuesday 15th November 2022

Present:  Cllrs Hodson, Bolton, Hargrave, Moody, and Maciag, County Councillor Gardener and the Clerk. 2 members of the public present – SB for 146.22 and RP for 142.22 (a and b)

134.22 Cllr Hodson, as Chairman, welcomed those present to the meeting.

135.22 Apologies were received from:

District Councillor Tim Alban – attending another meeting

Councillor D’Altilia – work commitment       

136.22 Cllr Maciag declared an interest in item 142.22 (c) on the Agenda

137.22 Public & Press participation session with respect to items on the Agenda:

            RP regarding planning applications, enquired about the Parish Council role as a consultee and how the Neighbourhood Plan would affect this.  Cllr Hodson advised that the Parish Council have an additional set of criteria to consider when responding to an application and that the Neighbourhood Plan was in very early stages and, as yet, would have no effect or bearing on these applications.  RP and family live in the neighbouring property and have submitted comments to Hunts DC Planning Department regarding 142.22 (a and b).

            SB presented details of the CambsCC pilot scheme for community heating (around 80 houses at Swaffham Prior).  County Councillor Gardener advised that Grafham, Perry and Great Staughton had also enquired about this scheme but, on investigation, it was found not to be viable.  Cllr Gardener will obtain and forward further details on required criteria for the scheme, and can arrange for Cheryl French, Cambs CC lead on this project, to attend a future meeting.  It was agreed that questions regarding forms of heating should be included on the Neighbourhood Plan.

138.22 Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2022  were confirmed as a correct record by Cllr Bolton and seconded by Cllr Maciag – the Clerk will change the comment on 122.22 regarding the Parish Precept that it may “possibly increase in 2024/25”.                    

139.22 There were no matters arising from those Minutes that will not be discussed as an agenda item.                       

140.22 Reports from Councillors and Clerk:

            Clerk – Gidding News Autumn 2022 had been distributed around the Parish.  The coat of arms “vote had attracted 29 votes, this will be added to the December agenda, as will an update on the messaging service, which is now up and running.

Also Luddington/Thurning/Hemington had responded to the proposed application for a communications base station and mast in their parish and had forwarded a copy of their response together with details of an alternative site.

Cllr Gardener – Great Gidding was in a 3km protection zone for Avian Flu as of Monday 14th November – Clerk had shared this information on the village website, via the text messaging service and via a WhatsApp group on Monday.  Details can be found on the DEFRA website and Huntingdonshire District Council – avian flu webpage.

Congestion charge meetings were to be held in St Neots and Huntingdon – dates and venues to follow, there was to be a “dispensation scheme” for visitors to Addenbrookes.

Greater Cambridgeshire partnership had a survey regarding bus services, Cllr Gardener was advising on bus services in West Hunts.

CambsCC future spend consultation was on line.

Great & Little Gidding will remain in North West Cambs following the Parliamentary constituency boundary changes.

Government had made additional funding available for free school meals and activities over the Christmas/New Year holidays

Cllr Gardener will forward his notes for additional details on the above topics.

He left the meeting to attend another.

Cllr Hargrave had attended a Councillor training workshop and found it extremely useful           


            a) Barclays Bank statements for Parish Council account had been shared prior to the meeting.

b) PAYMENTS –  The following were approved for payment by Cllrs Bolton and Maciag.

 WhoWhat forTOTALInvoice includes this VAT amountAuthorisedAuthorised
 J R TroloveWages for September (29 hours)Xxx~JRT 
 Gidding CharityAnnual allotment rental400.00~JRT 
 Inkwell PrintingGidding News26.00~JRT 
 J Trolove (ZIP Computers) Paid outside of meetingRepair to laptop160.00~JRT 
 FiretextMessaging service14.402.40JRT 
 J R Trolove (reimbursement)Office package for laptop~45.00  
  • Clerk’s working hours for October were approved as a total of  36.5

142.22 Planning Applications and Planning matters –

            Councillors and Clerk had visited the sites on Saturday 12th November, with the permission of Milton Estates.  Comments and observations had been compiled as a response to each of the applications and will be forwarded to the Planning Department of Hunts DC.

  1. Church Farm and Buildings – deadline 16 November

Full Planning Application for re-development of farmyard to include two barn conversions and two new build dwelling

Church Farm 41 Main Street Great Gidding Huntingdon PE28 5NU

Ref. No: 22/02003/FUL

Comments have been sent to Huntingdonshire District Council, with an Objection to the development that  is currently proposed.

  • new dwelling adjacent to Church Farm House – deadline 22 November

Proposal: Erection of dwelling.
Site Address: Church Farm 41 Main Street Great Gidding
Reference: 22/02002/FUL (ufm10)

Comments have been forwarded to Huntingdonshire District Council, with an Objection to the application that is currently proposed

  • Dryer Yard – deadline 16 November

Application Number: 22/01317/FUL Case Officer Marie Roseaman

Proposal: Change of use from agricultural to residential. The proposed development includes the retention, conversion and extension of the existing Grain Drier buildings for a single residential unit.

Location: Land Between 65 And 67 Main Street,Great Gidding

Comments have been forwarded to Huntingdonshire District Council, with an Approval to the proposed development.

143.22 Training opportunities for Councillors and Clerk:

            Councillor Training (online via ZOOM) – none at present required.

144.22 LHI bid for 2023/2024 – applications invited from 31st October 2022 – bids to exclude 20MPH zones/limits (which had been proposed for Little Gidding)

            Cllr Hodson advised of the proposed scheme for Little Gidding junction.  It was also suggested that double yellow lines on one side of Main Street would alleviate some of the traffic problems.  Clerk will forward copies of previous LHI bids to Councillors so they have insight on what is involved and how to present the bid.

SEE item (p) of correspondence re. Milking Slade Lane – it was felt that no further signage should be added at present and this may be the subject of a future LHI bid.

SEE item (r) of correspondence re. Main Street  – Clerk has responded to TM, the Main Street resident, as there were other questions included in the correspondence.

145.22 Recreation Ground:

            MUGA – Cllrs Moody and Hargrave’s report on funding options had highlighted a set of questions regarding evidence/support/impact etc – Clerk will assist them.

            Possibility of Lottery Grant application, if match funding required this will have to be addressed.  Questions around use of the MUGA, type of sports etc, will be added to the Neighbourhood Plan

146.22 Community heating scheme – see 137.22 above.

147.22Correspondence received since 18th October 2022:

            a) NALC newsletters – dated 19/10 NALC events, 27/10 – 2022 election report,

b) Neighbourhood Alert –  email dated 18/10 +24/10 latest from the courts, 25/10 life of a call handler, 25/10 catalytic convertor thefts from car parks, 19/10 – cuckooed?, 21/10 fatal collision at Paston Ridings, 28/10 Burglary warning, 30/10 online reporting, 30/10 celebrate anniversary,  22/10 Community Safety Charter,

d) CAPALC email dated –

e) Cambs CC email dated 19/10 – Flooding information, 31/10 Cambridgeshire Matters Magazine,

f) Hunts DC email dated  20/10 – Health Inequalities, 21/10 Town and Parish Council involvement session – can be viewed on YOUtube, 21/10 Think Communities news, 28/10 CIL funding for local projects, 28/10 Fayre on the Square, Huntingdon starting 12th November,

g) Economic Development Huntingdonshire DC invest@huntingdonshire.gov.uk – weekly Business News – email dated 20/10, 27/10

h) Royal British Legion – Remembrance Sunday  – poppies have been added to the tree guards (thanks to MA).  Cllr Moody to attend Remembrance Service (Sunday 13th starting 10.45AM and present wreath on behalf of Parish Council).

i) Cambs Acre – 18/10 energy advice for Village Halls, 27/10 newsletter,

j) East Anglian Air Ambulance – clothing bank request for site

k) Combined Authority Cambridgeshire and Peterborough update – bus services withdrawn, 28/10 newletter update,

l) Parish online – 1 year free subscription with BHIB insurance – signed up

m) UK Cycling Events – Saturday 4th March – route comes through Gidding

n) Highways Dept, CambsCC – footpath No 6 enquiry – Clerk had forwarded details of owner to CambsCC and had received a response that they would ask for the lock to be removed.

o) Valuation Office Agency – submission re. Rec Field ownership

p) T H Branson & Son – speeding traffic – Milking Slade Lane

r) email from resident of Main Street re. Coat of arms, previous village plans and speeding in Main Street (20MPH).

132.22 Items for next meeting:

            Text messaging service update

            Result of Coat of Arms voting

            Noticeboards in the Parish

            Draft of Local Highways Initiative Bids

133.22 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 20th December 2022

starting at 1930 hours in the Village Hall, Great Gidding.

Meeting closed at 21.26

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