2023-09-19 Minutes of Great & Little Gidding Parish Council meeting

Present:  Councillors Hodson, Maciag, Hargrave and the Clerk. 

5 members of the public joined the meeting.

080.23  Councillor Hodson, as Chairman, welcomed those present

081.23 To receive apologies and reasons for absence

            Councillor Moody will join the meeting as soon as possible – work commitment

            Councillor D’Altilia – work commitment

            Councillor Bolton – holiday

            County Councillor Gardener – another meeting       

082.23 There were no declarations of Disclosable Interests for items on the Agenda

083.23 Members of the Public were present in respect of item 088.23a of the agenda. There are concerns about the Huntingdonshire District Council (HuntsDC) Call for Sites exercise, particularly the submission regarding 110 houses for Chapel End/Back Lane.  8 residents of Chapel End had prepared a statement, which was read out at the meeting (copy attached).  The Chairman advised that, as indicated by responses to the Neighbourhood Plan, where all residents had been consulted, the majority have voted against large scale development.  Should this site be presented to the Parish Council as a Planning Application in the future, the Neighbourhood Plan outcomes will be taken into account and, therefore, an objection to any large scale development will be made.

            Councillor Maciag informed  that the draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is being compiled now, with a view to holding a public event in the next couple of months.  The Neighbourhood Plan will then be forwarded to Hunts DC and, after due process, should be finalised in Spring 2024.  This Plan will inform the District Council Planning Department when considering future planning applications.

            Councillor Maciag also advised that a large scale development, such as that submitted to the Call for Sites, is contrary to Hunts DC planning criteria for Small Settlements (Great Gidding is categorised as a Small Settlement).

            Councillor Hodson advised the Chapel End residents that they may wish to form their own group to address this potential application, but assured  that their concerns had been heard and noted by the Parish Council.

            Those members of the public present agreed to their statement appearing on the village website, with their names visible (See below)

084.23 Minutes of the meeting held on 15th August  2023 were confirmed as a correct record by  Councillors Hargrave and Maciag                      

085.23 Matters arising from those Minutes that will not be discussed as an agenda item:

            Councillor Hargrave had attended the online presentation in respect of Community Ownership Funding and had saved this for future reference. 

086.23 To receive reports from Councillors and Clerk:

  • Response from Anglian Water (email sent 23/8/2023 cc to County/District/MP/Highways) has been  received, via MP – they will not be replacing the water mains
  • Seats on Main Street – resident has requested refurbishment.  There are a number of “odd Jobs” that require attention around the Parish.  Councillors were requested to submit jobs to the Clerk, a list will be compiled and then an individual/company sought to carry out the works.
  • Building materials on road verge – Chapel End/Gains Lane – resident’s concern.  The building work is ongoing and this area will be monitored.
  • Clerk sent message to Milton Estates requesting footpath be cleared of vegetation around the School/Church path this will be done in the near future.
  • Junction of Main Street and Hemington Lodge Road was highlighted as a traffic hazard for vehicles pulling out – Clerk instructed a contractor to cut back as far as possible, Clerk has cut back trees around Townsend Pond to raise the canopy.  Further strimming is required to enable access to the Newt Trail platform (add to “Odd Job” list)
  • Reminder of Tim Alban’s Ward meeting of Parish Clerks and Councillors at Norman Cross Motel on Wednesday 27th September at 7PM.  Clara Kerr, Head of Hunts DC Planning Department will be the speaker.  Clerk and Councillors Maciag and Hargrave will attend.
  • Clerk has submitted an “interest” in applying for future LHI funding to CambsCC


            a) to note Barclays Bank statements for Parish Council account.

            Parish Council (everyday) Account  – balance as at 4/9/2023 £14771.97

Parish Council Deposit Account – balance as at 4/9/2023   £16,104.89

            Defibrillator account –  balance as at 4/9/2023 – £247.05

b) Interest payments – Clerk asked that Councillors consider if these accounts need to be altered to achieve higher interest rates – £10,000 will be transferred into the Parish Council Deposit account

            c) PAYMENTS – online payments were approved  in respect of the following:

 WhoWhat forTOTALInvoice includes this VAT amountAuthorisedAuthorised
 J R TroloveWages for July (27  hours)XxxNILJRT 
 Bradgate Ground Maintenance Ltd (no xxxx)Grass cutting of Recreation Field216.0036.00  
 Michael Allgood contractorCutting around Townsend PondInvoice requested   
 Village Hall payments     
 A C ClarkCleaning – up to 15 September£8.75 and £15.00   
  • to approve Clerk’s working hours for August –         total of  33    Approved.
  • bequest received from the Estate of P R C Ellis – this will be “ring-fenced”  in the Parish Council accounts in respect of Gidding History Group.

088.23 PLANNING applications and other planning matters:

a) Huntingdonshire District Council’s Local Plan call for sites – areas proposed for Great Gidding – member of the public to address the meeting – draft statement received prior to the meeting with a request that it be read out. See 083.23

b) 23/01474/FUL – Conversion of farm outbuildings to form two residential dwellings, demolition of cattle shed and erection of one residential dwelling and erection of double garage to serve No.41 Main Street – deadline for comments 15th September – Clerk requested extension to 26th September.

APPROVAL  – Councillors have no objection to the revised application, as submitted.

c)Enforcement/Conservation Officer response received  re. the stone wall at 65 Main Street.  Councillors still have concerns that our views are not being heard regarding the damage to this wall, in the Conservation Area, and requested the Clerk to ask District Councillor Alban, copying in Head of Planning Department, for his support

 d) Registering properties in the Parish for Listing or as Assets of Community Value (and areas of land for this latter option) – Clerk had been unable to access the application and asked for assistance from Councillors

e) School –  Clerk gained access at invitation of Jonathan Lewis (CambsCC Education Dept) on 1st September and took many photographs or play area and school house interior.  Jonathan Lewis requested confirmation of what playground “features” we wish to keep – Councillors would like to retain all but the tractor tyre planter.  Councillors are still keen to gain access to view the site.

Mr Nott, Land Agent for Milton Estates, had emailed offering a collaboration in respect of the School/Playground/Village Hall potential.  This was acceptable to all Councillors, with Councillor Maciag to act as contact with Milton Estates.

f) Anaerobic Digester Plant – Hemington Lodge Road, using B660 as the access route.  This is a Waste and Mineral Planning Application made to North Northamptonshire Council

*Clerk received information late on 15/9/23 via Hemington/Luddington/Thurning (HLT) Clerk and, after a telephone conversation with him, had gained further detail.  *Lutton have also been consulted, Clerk advised that Glatton and Winwick should be included as they will be affected by B660 traffic increase.  

*Clerk suggested a series of vehicle counts on Hemington Lodge Road – will enquire if Highways Dept of Cambs CC will assist. (see 086.23 above)

*HLT have a meeting on 9th October, Clerk and Councillor Maciag will attend, and in the mean time HLT Parish Council will request that the Applicant organise a Public Meeting to view the documents.

089.23  Policy Documents

 Freedom of Information Publication Policy – (updated content was emailed to Councillors on 23/8/2023 with a request for feedback). This was approved by Councillors Hargrave and Moody.

            Risk Management Policy – many further amendments to wording are required,  Clerk will share revised content at a future meeting.

090.23 Parish Council owned property – contractor (or 2) required to maintain areas shown on village map.

            Clerk will draw up a schedule and find contractors.

091.23 Allotment renewal notices – sent out from 11th September .  Payments are being made both via BACS and cheques.

092.23 Neighbourhood Plan (NP) – Clerk attended NP meeting held on 12th September

Parish Online subscription enabled a link to Ordnance Survey maps, Great & Little Gidding has been registered, Hamerton and WInwick are to be registered separately. 

            Funding would now appear to have been agreed in respect of monies spent so far (received  15/9/2023), a further submission will be made in 2024-25 financial year.

093.23 Recreation Field:

            Wooden play equipment, other than balance beam, removed and groundworks made good (Bradgate invoice awaited).

            Container emptied of rubbish, tidied and some moved to Village Hall.  A skip has been hired for Village Hall clearance too from 25/9/2023 for 5 days.

094.23 Correspondence received since 15th August 2023:

a) NALC newsletters – Chief Executives Bulletins, NALC events list, Legal update, Consultation to update the Model Financial Regulations,

b) Cambridgeshire County Council

  • Cambridgeshire Matters monthly newsletter INCLUDING item on Capital Priorities Fund, The Library Presents – online brochure of events,
  • County Councillor Steve Count’s email regarding weeds on footpaths and highways – later response with request for feedback, 
  • request to register an interest in LHI bid for 2024/25 – Clerk has submitted an application
  •  Invitation to Flood Action Conference on Thursday 21st September at 11am in Burgess Hall, St Ives
  • c) Huntingdonshire District Council
  • press release re.  Industrial action,
  •  investment plans for Hinchingbrooke Country Park,
  • waste subscription scheme (for green bins) ,
  • invitation to a Waste Minimisation event, including Repair Cafes Thursday the 21st of September, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm at the Pathfinder House, St Mary’s St, Huntingdon PE29 3TN, also 6 posters about varying types of waste.
  • Suggestions for Town and Parish Council newsletter requested
  • Press release – HDC awarding £280,000 of funding to the manufacturing sector.
  • Engagement sessions on Garden Waste Subscription Scheme – need to sign up
Date Time Type of session 
Wednesday 20th September 12:00 – 13:00 Virtual (Teams meeting) 
Sunday 24th September 16:00 – 17:00 Virtual (Teams meeting) 
Thursday 28th September 18:00 – 19:00 Virtual (Teams meeting) 
Monday 2nd October 09:00 – 10:00 Virtual (Teams meeting) 

d) CAPALC –,

e) Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority –

f)Greater Peterborough/Greater Cambridge Partnerships

g) Neighbourhood Alert/ECOPS etc

  • News from the Courts emails,
    • Time to protect your Tools,
  • The Rural Crime Action Team (RCAT) will be holding a meet and greet event on Friday 22 September from 10am – 2pm to highlight how you can help us towards a safer Cambridgeshire.
  • The event will be held at Harvest Barn Farm shop in Farcet (PE7 3DR) alongside Darryl , Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.
  • It is being held during National Rural Crime Week (18th to 24th September)
  • Recruitment fair is being held at Police HQ
  • h)  Notice of Cambridgeshire ACRE’s AGM
    Date: Wednesday 27 September 2023
    Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm
    To be held by: Zoom Video Conference
  • REVISED Climate Action for smaller councils – 26 page document that can be shared
  • Clerk attended ZOOM session on Staying Connected event on ‘Conserving nature and boosting biodiversity by greening your community spaces’

h) Parish Online newsletter

i) North Northamptonshire Council  – Inspector’s final report into the East Northamptonshire Local Plan Part 2 has recently been received. https://www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/info/200193/adopted_local_plan/65/development_plan_documents/12

j) CARESCO – request for donation.

k) Barclays Bank – email about money laundering scams

l) Presentation from Parish Clerks meeting about Electric Charging Points

095.23 Items for next meeting:

                        Risk assessment

            Attendance at Remembrance Day to lay wreath

            Review of Budget for 2023-24, preparation for precept request

            Registering Assets of Community Value

            Feedback on Councillor Training – Councillor Bolton           

096.23 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th October 2023 at Great Gidding Village Hall



Statement for Great Gidding Parish Council meeting 19 September, 2023

Subject: Possible Building Development on land adjoining Chapel End, Great Gidding.

This statement has been prepared on behalf of residents of Chapel End, Great Gidding (both those who are currently aware of the possible development and those who will, if necessary, be made aware of it subsequent to the PC meeting.)

We are aware that other sites within the village have been identified and are of concern but, for the purposes of this document, we refer only to Chapel End.

Our concern is the HDC ‘call for sites’, referred to in the minutes of the June, ’23 Parish Council Meeting, specifically the outline proposal for 110 dwellings adjacent to Chapel End.

While we recognize that, at the time of writing, no substantial further information is available, we feel the need to gain as much knowledge and detail as possible, in order that we have a coherent and well-informed case, in the event that the matter proceeds further.

For us to present such a case, it is important that we have the support of the Parish Council.

We therefore request that the Parish Council make clear its position with regard to the site identified on Chapel End. That is, to confirm whether the PC is minded to support or to oppose such a development, should HDC submit a formal proposal in respect of this land.

Although the following is by no means exhaustive, we believe there is a strong case to be made against any development of a 110-dwelling estate on the site identified. These are the concerns we have, so far, identified:


– inadequate – and already frequently failing – water supply

– no gas to village

– almost non-existent public transport

– no school

– absence of medical facilities – Wellside Surgery is already overstretched by Sawtry’s own massive building programme.

– road system inadequate for the proposed site


– Deleterious effect on the character of this ‘small settlement’ caused by an almost doubling of the current number of homes.

– Complete change in village’s character as result of such a large development

– Loss of habitat for rare species

– Possible compromise of site of archaeological interest (the S2.2 1641 map refers)

– Likely loss of Back Lane as quiet rural byway

– Fundamental change to Chapel End roadway

– Disruption to daily life arising from a large building programme over a lengthy period.

– Noise pollution generated by

o a) prolonged building programme as above;

o b) ongoing presence of large number of dwellings

o c) increased traffic

– Air pollution occasioned by increase in traffic. Assuming one car per household, minimum, this represents a huge percentage increase on current traffic


From professional advice taken in the past week, we understand the presence of such a large development will almost certainly, in the short and medium-term, impact the value of existing housing stock on Chapel End, to the tune of a reduction of between 15% and 20% on their current value.

Correspondence with the Parish Clerk appears to indicate that this matter is not seen by the Parish Council as urgent and that interested parties will be made aware of any consultation period as and when necessary. While we fervently hope that no such consultation will prove necessary and that the

development will not go forward, we think it unwise to fail to prepare a case against it given our lack of confidence in the ‘consultation’ process following the loss of the Village Post Office and Primary School.

While we are only too aware that our views are likely to be seen as NIMBYism, we make no apology for this. We would add that a 110-dwelling development would affect not only residents of Chapel End but also encompass the entire village (and beyond) in the extent of its impact; hence this statement and our request that the Parish Council advise us as to their likely stance should this proposal go further.

We also request, where future such matters are concerned, that interested parties, (those most likely to be affected by possible development) are advised directly at an early date, rather than our learning – only by chance – which sites have been identified. We believe that, in this case particularly, ‘interested parties’ includes everyone in Great Gidding who should, therefore, have been the recipients of a prompt communication by the Parish Council.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this statement and associated questions. We ask that your views/answers be shared directly with the named parties below as well as included in the Minutes of the meeting.

Deni and Andrew Underwood

on behalf of (inter alia)

Janet and Richard Downer

Sue and Steve Knowles

Lyn and Steve Smith

15 September, 2023


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