2023-12-19 Minutes of the Great & Little Gidding Parish Council meeting

Present:  Councillors Hodson, Bolton,  Maciag, Moody, and the Clerk. 

Joined by a representative from Gigaclear

132.23 Cllr Hodson, as Chairman, welcomed those present to the meeting.

133.23 Apologies were received from:

            Cllr Hargrave – family commitment

            Cllr D’Altilia – work commitment

            County Councillor Gardener – ill health

            District Councillor Alban – at another meeting

            Cllr Sanders – work commitment                  

134.23 There were no declarations of Disclosable Interests relating to items on the Agenda

135.23 No member of press attended the meeting.  See 139.23 e) regarding Gigaclear

136.23 Minutes of the meeting held on 21st November 2023 were confirmed as a correct record by Cllr Moody and Maciag.                      

137.23 Reports from Councillors and Clerk:

            County Councillor Gardener sent the following regarding County Council issues:

            The Mayor is consulting on his proposed bus improvements, please go on the Combined Authority website and give your views. One proposal is to make the Ting service a more rural service, rather than it providing a service for residents within St Neots, who already have a bus service. Thus freeing up the service for rural residents.

The proposed closure of Kimbolton Fire Station will be discussed at tomorrow’s Fire authority meeting before consultation begins.

                LHI Bids need to be in by the 12 January 2024

District Councillor Alban sent the following report on District Council matters:

District Council’s Early Bird Discount for the Green Bin Scheme, is now live.  I am still against thi,  but feel I should mention that, by signing now, residents can save themselves £7.50 a year for the first 3 years.

The District Council’s Development Management Committee have just refused planning permission for a large solar farm in Haddon; only time will tell if this will go to appeal.

There were no reports from Councillors

Clerk had sent a note of thanks to resident MA, who displayed the poppies for Remembrance Sunday


            a) to note Barclays Bank statements for Parish Council account.

  • Parish Council (everyday) Account  – balance as at 4/12/2023 £7012.26 (includes £500 bequest)
    • Parish Council Deposit Account – balance as at 4/12/2023   £26,189.05 (1.85% interest applicable)
    • Defibrillator account – balance as at 4/12/2023 – £247.91

b) PAYMENTS – the following online payments were approved by Cllrs Bolton and Maciag:

 WhoWhat forTOTALInvoice includes this VAT amountAuthorisedAuthorised
 J R TroloveWages for October (44 hours)XxxNIL  
 Transfer to Village Hall for Neighbourhood Plan GroupHire of Hall25.89NIL  
 Allgood Agricultural ContractorsCutting around Townsend Pond84.0014.00  
 Cambs AcreSubscription renewal60.00NIL  
  • to approve Clerk’s working hours for November       –         total of 30, approved by Cllrs Maciag and Bolton.

139.23 PLANNING applications and other planning matters:

  1. Revised planning application APPLICATION REF. 23/01474/FUL

Conversion of farm outbuildings to form two residential dwellings, demolition of cattle shed and erection of one residential dwelling and erection of double garage to serve No.41 Main Street  – Comments by 1st December 2023 – further emails sent with No Objections on provision that no significant changes to exterior appearance or access onto Main Street.  There has been no further correspondence from Hunts DC and, when Clerk checked the Planning website, this application was approved on 15th December.

  • School playground area  –Clerk has registered an Asset of Community Value on 6th October  (8 weeks before decision received) – they enquired about buildings on part of site, later about access to the site. Clerk has emailed a request for an update (response arrived on 20/12/23, the application was unsuccessful).
  • School House and site – discussion of collaboration with Milton Estates and future uses for  the site.  This agenda item has been deferred until  February when, it is hoped, that all Councillors will be available to consider potential options will be discussed and considered – Cllr Maciag and Clerk will compile preparatory documents.  Clerk will contact Jonathan Lewis of CambsCC for an update on the current situation.
  • Anaerobic Digester
  • CambsCC Highways Dept response to Application. Cllrs remarked that Highways Dept response was the best that can be hoped for, given the “over the boundary” location of the site.
  • Email of thanks from resident re. Parish Council’s response.
  • Cllr Shacklock or North Northants Council advised there has been no further action/activity regarding this proposal
  • Gigaclear – a representative gave a  presentation of the works proposed.  Further details will be known in Spring 2024.
  • Letter from Galliford Try/Cornerstone – proposed telecommunications base station  – Cllrs requested that a letter be sent, advising that this Parish Council has no objection to the proposed site at Longbrook Farm, Thurning, PE8 5RG
  • Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Maciag advised that the recent sessions at Great Gidding, Winwick and Hamerton had been well attended, with engagement and feedback from residents. 

Cllr Hodson expressed thanks to the members of the Neighbourhood Plan for their time and input on this project.

Clerk reminded  the group that invoices should be sent through for expenses ASAP

140.23 Roads, footpaths and bridleways

a) Local Highways Improvement Bid  CLOSES 5PM on 12 JANUARY 2024 – 2024-25 Suggested scheme for Hemington Lodge Road from junction with B660/Main Street to County boundary  or 20MPH application

b) location of speed camera – 2 x emails  from residents asking for the camera to move the other location at the Glatton end of the village.  Cllr Hodson proposed that, as the camera at Village Hall/Church Farm is proving successful at slowing traffic in the centre of the village, a second camera should be considered for the other post at the Glatton end of the village.  This proposal was seconded by Cllr Moody, and the Clerk will enquire about price and availability.

141.23 Parish Council owned property – contractor consulted for Parish Pond, Parish Pound and Recreation Ground.  Quote awaited.

142.23 Recreation Field: Contractor asked to consider work required and quote accordingly

            Community Grant application acknowledged and decision awaited.  Clerk confirmed that the application complied with the Fields in Trust criteria. This matter will be discussed at the Village Hall and Recreation Ground Meeting (043.23)                                                                                                      

143.23 Correspondence received since 21st November 2023:

a) NALC newsletters –NALC events list, Legal update, Consultation to update the Model Financial Regulations, Legal Update (including fire safety for non-domestic buildings)

b) Cambridgeshire County Council

  • 29/11 Cambridgeshire Matters monthly newsletter INCLUDING item on surviving winter, highways fault reporting, Swaffham Prior renewable heat initiative, free spaces on Holiday Activity programme,
  • Traffic Management Centre – reports for incidents in November
  • Update on regional and coastal flooding group
  • Older Adults post hospital discharge Grants – application form and information
  • 24/11 Street lighting – starting January 2024 – more efficient LED lighting
  • TEAMS meeting – 11th January at 6.15PM to discuss annual budget (see email 13/12)
  • Highways stakeholder survey – closing date 28th February 2024
  • Street lighting stakeholder survey – closing date 28th February 2024

c) Huntingdonshire District Council

  • 21/11 – slides and information from Planning and Development Management training session
  • Staying healthier and stronger for longer
  • Sustainability of settlements – our response to survey acknowledged
  • Press release – CCTV in Huntingdon
  • Press release – plans for the Priory Centre in St Neots
  • Press release – Climate Conversations events photographs
  • Press release – announcement of Council Tax Support Scheme
  • A Christmas card from Chief Executive, Michelle Sacks
  • 27/11 – Invitation to apply for CIL funding, also details from Tim Alban
  • 23/11 – Precept – Council Tax Support figures
  • Winter wise toolkit
  • 14/12 – Police and Crime Commissioner Election on 2 May 2024 – Village Hall booking
  • 27/11 – Garden Waste Subscription service – early bird discount also invite to Waste Minimisation meeting (on 6th December), and 11/12 further information about the charges etc
  • 11/12 – review of Huntingdonshire Local Lists by Development Services – see print out at meeting, compile responses to the survey – deadline 14th  January
  • Invite to carol service at St Marys Huntingdon on Monday 18th December

d) CAPALC – several emails about the various training courses available/AGM  online on 14th December, December bulletin forwarded to Councillors prior to meeting,

e) Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority –

f)Greater Peterborough/Greater Cambridge Partnerships

g) Neighbourhood Alert/ECOPS etc

News from the Courts emails, Ram raid campaign launch, launch of ATM watch campaign, launch of podcast series, monthly newsletter from Police & Crime Commissioner, frosty morning advice, crackdown on drink and drug driving, warning about courier scams, request for views on cybercrime, how to save Police time, another newsletter, the 12 frauds of Christmas, survey from Police and Crime Commissioner, a Chrismas card from ECOPS

  • Cambridgeshire ACRE – learn more about embarking on a social venture

h)  Parish Online Newsletter

j) Keep Britain Tidy – January 2024 is Buy Nothing New Month – “buy nothing new, protect your planet”

k) Alcoholics Anonymous poster – request to display

144.23 Items for next meeting:

Allotments – any changes needed to rents or terms of tenancy agreement

Suggestions of a speaker for the Annual General Meeting in May

145.23 The next meeting will take place on

Tuesday 16th January 2024 at Great Gidding Village Hall

Meeting closed at 20.47

This meeting was followed by a Village Hall & Recreation Field meeting.

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