A busy apple pressing day September 2018

A lovely sunny morning welcomed the various pressers and extractors of apple juice to Manor Site Farm laden with apples from gardens, allotments and a paltry amount from the Jubilee Wood apple trees.

Using the community apple press and apple pulper the crew soon got to grips with the process. Some apples were juicy some were a little dry, some were a bit tart some were sweet. The blending of cooking apples, dessert apples and wild crab apples will have created some unique tasting apple juice and for the brave, cider!  About 20 litres of  juice was pressed some destined for the Demijohn and fermentation and possibly cider or rank apple juice. The result will be a tasting at the 2019 Wassail (date tbc)

A great mornings entertainment with refreshments thrown in. Still plenty of time for parishoners to use the equipment in their own backyard  for this autumn.

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