A wet Sunday in the Jubilee Wood

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with a special tree planting ceremony

It seemed a good idea at the time, a coffee morning in the Jubilee Wood with a special tree to be planted in recognition of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Oh how it rained, the ground waterlogged, the long grass sopping wet but we are made of stern stuff in the Giddings and we didn’t let a major weather event dampen our fortitude (42mm of rain over Saturday night and all day Sunday)

To help us celebrate, our special guest Mr Neil McKittrick,  a deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire planted  a tree, a Cratageus  Prunifolia. This is an attractive Hawthorn that has good autumn colours and long lasting red berries that the birds will enjoy. The tree will remind all those who attended  of the atrocious conditions and the absurdity of drinking coffee in the temporary visitor centre.

Special thanks.

A special thank you to Tony and Pat Scott for the suggestion of the tree and the link to our special guest. We know that Tony is not enjoying the best of health at the moment so we we wish him well for the future.

Thanks to all who supported the event and Rachel for coping with the coffee duties in trying conditions.




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