Back Lane – Great Gidding

Fly tipping, one of the scourges of modern day rural living where the less gifted feel a need to off load their junk or somebody else’s building waste on public highways,

Fly tipping is becoming a big problem not just the cowboy builder chucking stuff out on the road but also lorry loads dumped in gateways, old articulated trailers stuffed full of rubbish and abandoned in laybys and country roads.

What to do

If you witness fly tipping or come across the result of…………. call it in. Huntingdon District Council have an online reporting system, its easy to use and takes a few minutes. You can have it as an app on your smart phone, be clever report it straight away. Don’t wait for  someone else to do it.

For the record this was reported by using the HDC app this morning.


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