Apple Juicing Saturday

On Saturday the 29th September we will have a community apple crushing, pulping, squeezing, pressing event using the community pulper and press. Collect your apples and rinse your receptacles. Whether its just juice or cider, the container you use does need sterilising. If you are a serial wine or beer maker then you will know the drill.

Quantity of apples, how long is a piece of string. You need lots, a washing basket full or two good bucket fulls to get any quantity. If we get a good crowd, 10 or so then quartering apples, pulping then bagging them up for the press becomes an easy flowing task.

Location – in one of the sheds at Manor Site Farm – it then becomes a weather resistant event.

Refreshments provided but happy to receive extras.

Time – 9am so that’ll be 10am Gidding central time.

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    See the Jubilee wood blog for a report and photos of the event

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