Are your apple trees laden with fruit!

As the summer seems to have gone on its own holiday we had better consider the autumn harvest of fruit and specifically apples. Last year the community apple juicer and press was put to good use creating home pressed apple juice and at least one demijohn of quite acceptable cider.  If you are a village resident then you can borrow the kit for free. To be honest the whole process works better if you can team up and process bucket loads of apples as a group. Slicers, pressers, pourer’s. There’s a task for all the family.

The internet is full of guidance but the savvy householder will know that cleanliness is the watchword in any food processing. Don’t be put off, the taste of home pressed apple juice is worth the effort and if your a little more patient then home made cider/scrumpy is deliriously better than a shop bought fizz.

To borrow the community apple pressing kit please speak to Michael Trolove.

A screenshot from the community apple pressing from last year.



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