Plenty to experience in and around our lovely Parish

Well we are now into the spring equinox & many of us will be enticed into the countryside by the sheer pleasure it brings to those of us who walk, cycle, ride or drive.

Everyone is encouraged to make sure though, that they are clearly visible to motorists. Hi-Viz jackets or waist coats are ideal & lights if you cycle.  It is a misconception that these are only needed in the dark or fog!

‘See & Be Seen’ & stay safe.

Main Street now has triangular warning signs for equine riders, to help towards your safety. It would be really polite to see our riders fully aware of the Highway Code as it applies to them. This is most encouraging for motorists, if you expect them to respect your needs.

Dog walkers

Gt.Gidding welcomes its dog walkers, old & new.  Lots have been seen out & about recently. Just a reminder to bin the waste & not leave behind in the bag!

Footpaths, bridleways & byways

We have a lovely selection of footpaths for you all to explore, also bridleways & byways. Please riders, remember that footpaths are for walkers only. If you use a farm track that is designated a footpath, please be sensible. Walkers have priority & if it’s wet please don’t use it, as it cuts it up for everyone.

So we hope you enjoy the fresh air this spring. There is plenty to experience in & around our lovely Parish.

Rachel Giddens (on behalf of the Parish Council)

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