Autumn Notes

What a lovely September!

Autumn is now here. It’s a great time to get out & about walking, cycling or riding.
Blackberries are out in abundance, with sloes coming to their fullness. Just think of those fabulous blackberry & apple pies not to mention the amazing sloe gin that can be passed around with friends on winter evenings.
I’ve just been out walking with my pruners. There are many blackberry brambles that have grown across pathways & stiles. It’s not a bad idea for folk to do likewise as its a great help. The council usually cut the grass pathways, but they don’t have funding for trimming. So really it’s up to us as walkers & riders to do our bit. Actually it’s quite fun as you’re out in the countryside seeing all that’s going on around you.
Something I did find upsetting was the amount of Dog Fouling on some of the pathways. The bridle way that’s recently be given a lovely new surface leading to the black bridge & the brook was awful. If you see anyone allowing their dog to foul please let me know as it is an offense. Further more it is a serious health hazard, should children come into contact with it.
I’m often asked why it’s OK for horses to excrete on the roads. Well, a well mannered horse & rider should keep their horse moving whilst it does this, so as it is easily washed away by rain. The other thing is that the composition of horse droppings is usually pure grass or cereals orboth. So these break down very quickly, not like a meat based foul. Neither does it carry dangerous bacteria or worms. ( there may be worm infestation, but not dangerous).
However, it is against the law for riders to let their horses mess on the pavements- they shouldn’t be on them anyway! If they do, clear it up.

Happy Autumn,

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