Back Lane and the Sewage farm

Back Lane between Chapel End and the B660 at Oak Tree corner has taken a bit of a battering recently. Improvement works at Great Gidding sewage farm coupled with the wettest summer and autumn of  recent times has meant that the minor road has been subject to some heavy erosion and surface degradation. The contractors have assured the Parish Council  that the road will be reinstated on completion of the works. As to the improvements at the sewage farm, new filter beds are being constructed to deal with phosphates in the foul water.


Work has moved on, new structure have appeared in the Sewage Farm compound. The access road has been widened at the entrance after all the tipper lorries and plant equipment had finished the heavy work !

Update 2

Partial repairs to  Back Lane have been carried out, that would be the big hole by the junction with the B660. There is still a an area of poor road surface against the entrance to the Sewage Farm.

Back lane repairs, Great Gidding

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    A forensic investigation!

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    Sewage farm updated

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