Third painting of Ashlea (our Postie) in my Autumn Lights series

Third in my Autumn Lights series, still more to finish. This was set near the bridle path that runs up to the gallops just past Alconbury Brook.

Second painting in the ‘Autumn Lights’ series

Gidding resident Geoff Goddard has recently finished the second stunning painting of Ashlea, part of a series called ‘Autumn Lights’ which endeavours to show the low autumn light and how this creates rich colours and shadows which in turn play on the face. 

Keep an eye out for more of Geoff’s captivating work.

Gidding residents have certainly been keeping busy as we have just been sent a beautiful painting of Ashlea, who regularly delivers the post in and around Great Gidding.

The painting is by artist Geoff Goddard, a resident of Great Gidding. Geoff retired six years ago from Head of Visual Arts at a secondary school in St Neots where he taught for 25 years. 

In Geoff’s words:

“I have a small garden studio where I like to explore a range of styles and techniques but there is often a human element in my work, whether through digital, drawing or painting. My work ranges from conventional portraits or layered images to more narrative approaches. Realism is fundamental to all my work and I revel in details and subtle changes in colour and tone. I’m a Member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and Associate Member of the Institute of East Anglian (IEA), exhibiting work in Cambridge, Holt in Norfolk and Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA).

I asked Ashlea if she would be willing to pose for a series of paintings called ‘Autumn Light’. She agreed and I took a range of reference photos in the Jubilee Wood and later in the field by the side of Alconbury brook This portrait is the first in the series.”

We look forward to seeing more of Geoff’s work soon!

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    Not being IT familiar this is the only site I can find to wish my old school circa 1941 a healthy 2021, lets all make it great!!!

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