Great & Little Gidding Parish Council

Clarion – Summer 2012


Parish Council uncontested election results (2012- 2016)                                                  

Andrew Alexander (Chairman)    62 Main Street                                            293315

Robin Hayden                                  Warren House, Main Street                      293360

Paul Hodson                                     17 Chapel End                                              293782

Chris Howden                                   9 Main Street                                               293679

Rachel Giddens                                47 Main Street                                             293277

Michael Trolove                              87 Main Street                                              293591

Lydia James (co-opted)                  Manorfarm House, Main Street              07962099922

We welcome Lydia to the Parish Council and thank Henry Hill, who did not stand for re-election, for the many years of service he has given as a Parish Councillor.

Huntingdonshire District Councillors                                                                                        

Darren Tysoe                                    Grove Cottage, Ellington                     01480 388310

Dick Tuplin                                        St Andrew’s House, Sawtry                 01487 834156

Cambridgeshire County Councillor                                                                                                  

Viv McGuire                            01733 248788

How to Contact the Police – Emergency incident requiring immediate assistance dial  999   If it is a non-emergency dial 101. If you wish to discuss an issue or pass on information by email with your local team email   Expect a reply within 48 hours.  Senior contact for the Huntingdon/Yaxley area – Sgt Ed McNeill

Telephone Box –The kiosk in Main Street has recently been involved in a road traffic accident which damaged it beyond repair.   It transpires that the payphone has only received 10 minutes of usage during the last 12 months and BT is proposing not to replace it.   If you have any comments about this please contact the planning department at Huntingdonshire District Council by 1st October quoting 01832 293292

Recycling – You can now recycle your plastic post, tubs and trays – everything from yogurt pots and margarine tubs to shampoo and milk bottles can now be recycled as part  of your kerbside collection. Please rinse your containers out to prevent food contaminating other products. Visit for more details. Recycling Open Day Saturday 22nd Sept AmeyCespa, Waterbeach

Remember the Countryside Code – Respect Protect Enjoy – Gates should be left as you find them, dogs under effective control and paths followed, leaving no trace of your visit (take your litter home)  visit for more information.


CONNECTING CAMBRIDGESHIRE – How can you support the broadband campaign?

You can help to bring better broadband connectivity to your area by joining the campaign.   It only takes a few minutes to register and will make a big difference –

Superfast broadband is essential to helping our local economy to thrive so that everyone benefits.

You can become a digital champion to help communities and businesses to find out about the benefits of broadband services.   You don’t need to be an expert and you can choose how much support you give, if you are interested email

Getting Better Broadband in our area

Broadband internet is becoming an essential part of our national infrastructure but for those of us who live in rural Cambridgeshire, we are still experiencing very low connection speeds.


Great & Little Gidding Parish Council recently held an open meeting for local residents on broadband and the developments that can be expected in the next two or three years.   The meeting was addressed by Ms Annette Thorpe, BT’s Regional Partnership Director and she outlined broadband proposals for the Giddings and surrounding areas.


She explained that the Government has pledged £6.75 million to help rural communities’ access broadband in Cambridgeshire and that the County council has pledged a further £20 million to the cause via its ‘Connecting Cambridgeshire’ project.   Additionally, whichever broadband supplier is chosen to provide the scheme will also have to match fund the money already contributed by the County Council and the Government.


However superfast broadband will be put in place on a first come first serve bases and the local MP, Shailesh Vara, who helped to arrange the meeting and was also present, had these words to say:


“The development of a superfast broadband network is vital for rural communities and will act as a driver for local economic growth.   As well as many households, there are a number of small businesses and farms that increasingly need access to fast internet connections to go about their daily business.


It is good news that money is available to provide a superfast broadband service, but I want to emphasise that the money will be spent in areas on a first come first serve basis.   That is why I am urging as many people as possible to visit the Connecting Cambridgeshire website at: in order to register their interest in this service.   If enough local people register then we will get priority, so please, get onto the website and register today”.

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