Coffee mornings at Great Gidding

Several people in the last week or so have asked me if we could start having Coffee Mornings again. I am very happy to
do so, with some revision to take into account changed circumstances.
I would suggest that we revert to holding them in the Village Hall, as we did originally. Several reasons; Covid is still with
us and may increase after the summer and there is more space in the Village Hall and people, myself included, may be
reluctant to host gatherings in their homes. Also, the Village Hall is a ‘neutral venue’ to which everybody can go.

What I propose is –
Meet at the Village Hall on alternate Tuesdays at 10.30 to about noon, initially on 28th June and 12 th and 26th
July, with no meeting in August as before.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided without charge but a voluntary contribution of £1 per person to go to
Village Hall funds to cover electricity and so on.
A couple of volunteers will be needed to assist if I am unable to attend.
Keeping it simple and easily managed is important. Please pass information to others.

Thank you.
Paul Burgess

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    Yes I would be interested in voting along

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