District Council report - Tim Alban 


Ironically enough for a councillor who isn’t a member of the District Council’s Development Management Committee, I continue to spend a significant amount of time dealing with planning issues; to one degree or another, over the last year I have been involved with planning related issues in Great Gidding as other villages in the Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley ward.


I am concerned about the proposals for a distribution park on a green field site to the north west of Junction 17 of the A1M (on the opposite side of the A605 to the Extra Services) not least because this would be outside of the local plan.  

As the site is in the northern part of our district council ward, my fellow ward councillor, Marge Beuttell, is taking the lead for the two of us on this matter; at the time of writing, a planning application hasn’t been published but Marge and I have already been contacted by a number of local residents.  


There seems to have been another spike in Fly Tipping recently and I am grateful to the prompt actions of the Huntingdonshire District Council Enforcement team, who work to identify those responsible and the Operations team, who clear away what has been tipped.  Reports of tipping and littering can be made via www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk I use the What3Words app to help identify the location, which I find especially useful in representing a rural ward, which one of the largest in the district.


Huntingdonshire is one of the largest districts in the country and the district council has a longstanding commitment to tackle environmental challenges.

The Local Plan sets out green infrastructure priorities and key policies which better shape our future environment for the benefit of nature and the reduction of carbon emissions. 

The environment is one of my key areas of interest and I look forward to continuing to try and reduce my own carbon footprint as well as working with the council for the benefit of the community as a whole.


Huntingdonshire District Council’s officers and councillors continue to work hard to deal with the ongoing issues around COVID-19 and the ongoing recovery.  Further information on what has been achieved can be found at https://www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk/people-communities/recovering-from-covid/


The last 18 months have been some of the busiest in my time as a District Councillor; I am approached about a wide variety of issues, not all of which are the direct responsibility of the District Council.  Sometimes I am able to help directly and other times my role is to point people towards other councillors, councils or organisations but I will always try and help.

I am fortunate to have a good working relationship with my fellow ward District Councillor Marge Beuttell, County Councillor Ian Gardener and the Councillors and Clerk at the Giddings Parish Council and enjoy working with them for the benefit of the community.


Contact details for Huntingdonshire District Council, including the Out of Hours Emergency Telephone Number, are available via https://www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk/contact-us there is also information available via https://www.wearehuntingdonshire.org/

My contact details are:


07913 101145

District Councillor for Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley Ward

(First contact for residents in Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley, Holme, Denton & Caldecote, Great & Little Gidding, Glatton and Connington).


(If you are a resident of Sibson-cum-Stibbington, Elton, Alwalton, Morborne, Haddon, Water Newton or Chesterton, please contact my fellow ward councillor Marge Beuttell in the first instance via marge.beuttell@huntingdonshire.gov.uk)

With best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Councillor Tim Alban

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