The winner of the Giddings website competition ‘Find José’ was announced at last nights Beer and Skittles event held in The Village Hall.

The winning entry was drawn from José’s sombrero by Andrew Alexander. The lucky recipient of the bottle of ‘bubbly’ was Michael Trolove who had managed to find all five hidden José’s around the website. A big thank you to all the entrants and better luck next time.

Staying with the Americas(!)… Here’s a report of the beer and skittles evening by Michael Trolove.

You missed a real treat this evening . Our American theme beers was a monster hit. You can rest assured that our USA cousins over the pond so to speak have mastered the craft brewing to a fine art. I would implore you to seek out the following beers as a fine tribute to Uncle Sams brewing ability: Jeremiah Weed,  Root Brew, a hint of ginger in the tasting and serve with an ice cube; Jeremiah Weed, Sour Mash Brew, a complex beer of hidden tastes but explode on the taste buds; A couple of wheat beers including 312. Not an ITV game show but a craft beer of typical wheat brew taste, sort of flat but not fizzy flat.

American beers at Great Gidding Beer and Skittles Night
Selection of American beers

A reminder that the end of season bash will now be on Saturday 13th April.

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    Some interesting tastes in those American beers. Thanks Paul C for the interactive beer map.

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