Footpaths and Bridleways

Taking care on foot, horse or in the car

Well, we’re into a very wet start to the year. So most footpaths, Bridleways & verges are sodden. Think ahead before you choose to walk, cycle or ride. It may save you some difficulty & save these surfaces from becoming completely poached up. Choose routes that are less likely to cut up. This is particularly important for riders as tracks & Bridleways take a while to recover. It also saves your horse losing shoes & walkers boots from becoming blocks of clay!

A little more care from drivers would also help our verges & gateways from becoming ruined. Narrower roads need drivers to slow down & wait as other drivers approach, rather than simply maintaining the same speed & mounting the verges. You are also less likely to get stuck & your vehicle less likely to get so dirty & your brakes to collect so much grit & dirt.

Anyway there are still plenty of lovely walks & rides to enjoy & of course places to cycle.

Last words. . . Don’t forget hi vis jackets if it’s dull or misty & of course lights. . .& you drivers!

Have Fun,

Access points to footpaths and bridleways in Great Gidding Parish

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