Friends of St Michael's Church

A Special General Meeting of the Friends of St Michael’s Church was held on Tuesday 5th June in St Michael’s Church to vote on two Resolutions proposed by Paul Burgess and seconded by Sue Shepherd, concerning the future of the society.
Before the voting took place the chairman, Sue Shephard, said she was sure everyone would wish to join with her in thanking the previous chairmen of the society (Paul Burgess & Patrick Jarvis) for all their hard work. During their tenure, the Society had given grants to Great Gidding PCC to enable the restoration of 90% of the clear glass windows in the church. Furthermore grants had enabled the maintenance of the churchyard. Grants had paid for a new mower, regular equipment maintenance and the cost of petrol for grass cutting. Also grants had been given for tree surgery as and when required. Finally society members had given freely of their time to mow and keep the churchyard in a good condition.

The support of the Patrons (Sir Phillip Naylor-Leyland and David Woodley) was noted with thanks.

Robin Hayden expressed his sadness that there was insufficient practical support for the Society. Comment was noted that people’s lives had much greater demands on them these days, and people found difficulty in offering their time. However it was hoped that perhaps in the future someone may be enthused to start the Society again.

On the first resolution to dissolve the society with immediate effect, the motion was carried by twelve votes to three. The second motion to pass the money in the society’s account to the church was also carried by the same margin. This motion included a caveat that the money should be spent solely on either fabric or the churchyard, in accordance with the society’s aims and objectives.
Since this meeting the Parochial Church Council has agreed to use money passed across by the society for the restoration of the remaining clear glass window in the chancel.

From Mike Keck

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    I wonder how many people of the village knew this society existed, especially new folk to the village?
    Have there been updates of the society on this site? People won’t get involved if they are not aware of it!

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