Gains Lane closure

Gains Lane

The lane will be closed for a short period as Anglian Water have some work to progress. Please see quoted text below.

“We are the project management company for the new build taking place in Gains Lane, Great Gidding for Mr Jack Bolton.

We are currently in the process of applying for a short  term temporary partial road closure of Gains Lane through Cambridgeshire County Council’s Street Works Department during the construction works and they have informed us that it is our responsibility to inform local residents/businesses that may be affected by the closure. As your website covers all the local news and information of the area I felt you would be the best point of contact to convey this information.  Could we possibly ask that you publish the dates of the Road Closure( see below for details) on your website to allow a good period of notice of the works?

We will of course be personally notifying all residents of Gains Lane separately to this notice coming to you.

The dates of the proposed closure are 02/06/2014 until 26/06/2014 however the road will not be closed at weekends and alternative access for residents and emergency vehicles will be available as per the terms set out by the Council.  In fact other than a few short days when Anglian Water will be digging a trench right across the road  to  supply the site with water there will be reasonable access for all residents.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Many thanks.


Kind regards

Lucy O’Regan


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