Fresh players still needed


DadddersGidding  Badminton Club  has for a number of years played social badminton at the Sawtry Leisure Centre. Over recent weeks active players have been a bit thin on the ground so this is really a call for new  members and old members to come back to the fold .

It is social badminton played with every intention of winning but recognising the skill level is sometimes  found wanting. If this sounds like your sort of game then come and join in on Tuesday evening’s  from 6 pm until 7 pm. There is no club membership fee, just the court hire which floats around £1.50 to  £2.50 depending on numbers.


We aim to play mixed doubles which rotate  after each game and we play with the modern scoring system  whereby you win a point at each serve. This makes for a faster, livelier and  usually error strewn game. All good fun!

Contact Michael Trolove  for more details



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    players urgently needed. Leave your ipad alone for an hour and get some exercise.

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