Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is the Time Trial?
700 competitors will set off at 30 second intervals from a professional start ramp along a 16miles 28 KM closed road time trial course. This event will commence at 11am and finish approximately 7pm on Saturday 6 June 2015. (Click here for route map:
Note: Folksworth will be accessible all day through a one way system. We have the ability to get people in and out although there may be delays.

 What is the Gran Fondo?
6,000 riders made up of both people who are competing to win or those just participating for leisure and to enjoy the chance to ride on closed roads with friends. The planned start is 12 pm on Sunday 7 June 2015. (Click here for route map:

 What times are the road closures?
Each road has a different time depending on the section of the route. Full details of what time each road is closed can be found here.
Note: The roads will be opened earlier if it’s safe to do so.

 Are there diversions in place?
Where possible, an alternative diversion route will be signed. Information on these routes can be found at

 I am a resident- when will I be able to move my car in and out?
If you are a resident and your road is closed, please check the times at which
Road closures are in place. The website has a specific section for road closures. Please check the guidance:
If during the time of your closure there is an urgent request for access, please contact a member of race personnel which will be found around the route. If access can be provided in a safe manner, this will be facilitated however with a large amount of cyclists, access onto to route cannot be guaranteed as the supervisor will need to deem it safe and appropriate.

 What happens in the event of an emergency?
If an emergency service vehicle needs access during the closure period, this will be facilitated. It is requested that blue light services enter the route and travel with the direction of the race in order to reduce the risk of conflict with riders. To be clear, in the event of an emergency, any fire, ambulance or police vehicle will be permitted to access that emergency. All local services are aware of the route and all staff have been briefed to cooperate with all emergency services.

 What do I do if a relative has home care?
All personnel will be briefed that essential medical and care providers should be allowed to cross the route when it is safe to do so should they need to access.
Local authorities have informed their care providers and alternative arrangements have been made however if the care provider is a private company or a relative, please contact if you have any special requirements.

If you have any further questions that are not answered here, please contact Cambridgeshire County Council on 01223 507176.

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