Granddaughter of WW2 American pilot visits Gidding memorial

A Great Gidding resident had a lovely surprise when two visitors from the USA called to convey their thanks in person to Bruce Jordan this afternoon. 

Heather Goldman is the granddaughter of Wayne Humphries, one of the survivors of the Bam Bam air crash, and had looked forward to visiting the site and seeing the memorial that Bruce and his wife Lois had diligently researched and compiled for preservation in St Michael’s Church.

Heather and her husband Federico are over for just one week and this stop was the most important on their trip as preserving the memory of her grandfather and his friends means so much to their families.

Well done Bruce (and Lois) for your dedication in ensuring that the air crew of Bam Bam will not be forgotten.  

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Heather’s comment before her trip to Great Gidding

… I also plan to visit the church to see the memorial Bruce made for those men who died in the crash-my grandfathers friends. I would also like to thank Bruce for all of his work and dedication to preserving the history of this event. It means so much to our families!

S/Sgt Wayne Humphries, Tall Gunner - B17 Bam Bam.
Heather’s Grandfather S/Sgt Wayne Humphries

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