Great Gidding Aunt Sally Tournament 2013 – photos

The 2013 Great Gidding Aunt Sally Tournament on August Bank Holiday was blessed with fine weather and a good crowd. Michael organised a well run event with six throws per person per round and six rounds in all. A good turnout meant there was plenty of time between throws for a chat and catching up with village gossip. And Chris at the Fox and Hounds ensured we were topped up with drinks and a selection of sandwiches. There was a real competitive spirit throughout the afternoon as most people didn’t want to take the ‘Marmite Challenge’ – an extra element added by Michael at several points during the tournament for the worst throw/silliest moment/hopeless cause!

…We’d all like to say a BIG thank you to Michael for organising such a fun afternoon.

A message from the organiser…

Thank you everyone for your support. A worthy winner and runner up, Mathew and Adam. Thank you Calum and Patrick for keeping the scoreboard updated, Paul and Krystyna for the sponsorship fizz and Chris at the Fox and Hounds for some excellent sandwiches and finally thanks for the Met Office for a correct weather forecast.

Regards Michael.

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