Great Gidding History night - report and photos

On 30th September 2015 two talks were given to an audience of more than 60 people in Great Gidding Village Hall.

History and extent of the Fitzwilliam Estate

Mr Robert Dalgliesh – Chief Agent to the Fitzwilliam Estate – began by describing the history and extent of the Fitzwilliam Estate and later concentrated on that part based upon Milton Hall and the Milton Estates near Peterborough.

He finally zoomed in upon the Fitzwilliam history and interests in Great Gidding, and some of the slides that he used to illustrate the latter part of his talk are shown below.

Mr Dalgliesh also brought some very interesting historical documents, maps and charts from the Milton Hall archive, including the Deed dated 1827 whereby Great Gidding was part of a sale of property by the Watsons of Rockingham Castle to the Fitzwilliam Estate. Also included were maps and associated lists from 1869 and 1889 showing the occupiers and owners of the village property which warrant further study.

More Great Gidding History

During the second part of the evening Patrick Ellis, who has been researching the history of Great Gidding for more than 15 years, described two results of this research :

Firstly the history of how the village was laid out and organised and the duties of the village officials was included in a book jointly compiled with David Shepherd entitled A Millennium History of Great Gidding. This was first published in 2001 and reprinted last year.

All Great Gidding History booksA Millennium History of Great Gidding (left) and More Great Gidding History (right)

Secondly a new book, concentrating on the people who lived in the village and answering the question “Who lived Where ?”. This new book is called More Great Gidding History and also includes a number of photos, and especially some aerial photos and maps which have come to light since the first book was compiled.

Both the reprint of the 2001 book and the New Book may be obtained from the Village Stores.

Patrick Ellis. October 2015

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    looking at a family tree I see I see a forbear Michael Ladds succeeded to the lands of his uncle Michael Layton 1694. buried at GT Gidding 14 Oct 1751. 3 children Sarah, Michael and(died young) and Francis (described as yeoman) baptised there 22Aug. 1708 m Mary Collyer of Winnick Hunts m there 1746 and buried there 22 June 1754, no children so that seems to be the end of them ever come across the name? My gt grandfather was Captain Ladds of Ellington. have seen his grave. quite impressive.!

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    Please can Patrick Ellis get in touch with me regarding a possible Goodliff Award.
    My number is 01480 454154

    Goodliff Award can be looked up on Google and is a part of the Huntindonshire Local History Society.
    Do ask him, it is a lovely local history award scheme for Huntingdonshire.


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