The old Great Gidding Raceway site

This is copied from the Simon Lewis Books website:

Great Gidding in Cambridgeshire where Northampton’s John Clark promoted GP Midgets. Now an industrial estate off Hemmington Lodge Lane. Steven Parker, who works at the site today says “there’s very little evidence …the tarmac or concrete surface was broken up for unknown reasons leaving us with huge flooded potholes. …you can still see where the carpark would have been near the entrance for spectators & racers although its like a jungle now!.” More of Steve’s photos can be seen on the Gt Gidding page –

Great Gidding Raceway on Simon Lewis website

As you can see above it’s now a very anonymous site but the faint outline of the track shows up on Google Maps Does anyone know when the track operated or have any old photos?

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    This was a great site I raced in the Hot Rods
    There in a Ford Anglia 306 I was only 14 15 and
    It was so much fun there

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    I worked and raced at the track… Barb (John’s wife) and my mum (Trudy) were on the gate and office. I use to do flags and help out where I could. I raced in both mini contact and bangers, it was so much fun. It’s a shame they destroyed the track, I do have some photo’s somewhere, I will have to dig them out for you.

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    … cont’d. I won the ladies cup in 1986 for the mini contact. The American’s from the local base use to bring bangers, etc. and race with us, it was a lot of fun. Barb use to do Gidding with Trudy sometimes as John was also running Northampton raceway and he also use to participate in the racing there, my dad (Geoff) was his mechanic… it was an amazing time for both our families.

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    Thanks for the info Corina. If you’ve got some photos it would be lovely to add some to the website. You can email any to Thanks.

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