Harvest 2014

Wheat harvest

Despite very few people in the parish of Great Gidding having any direct link with farming these days its still an important event in the farming calendar. As with every harvest the weather dominates harvesting decisions and this year was no different. A good sunny start in late July  followed by an iffy August. Finally harvest was wrapped up in early September under gloom laden skies.

Harvesting time-lapse video, August 2014

Video: Michael Trolove

Great Gidding grown wheat could well be in any number of foodstuffs that you find in your pantry,  larder, fridge, freezer, cupboard or secret stash for chocolate bars. We’re talking corn syrup derived from wheat starch, flour for baked products and  wheat based breakfast cereal.

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    It’s been a pleasure as always to see the crops grow through the year, then to reach harvest. The smell of the dry cereals in the fields is most evocative & to walk beside the harvested stubble is a real joy. Even the sounds of the combines & dryers working is a real sign of summer. Thank you.

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    Great photos (and video) Michael – keep up the good work!

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