Two caring Great Gidding residents have been supporting the local hedgehog hospital and have just released two hedgehogs into one of their gardens.

Sue Hebb and Val Warner collected Lottie & Pixie from Peterborough Hedgehog Hospital and are making sure that they have the right food and housing to keep them well looked after as the colder weather approaches.  

Sue has kindly offered some hedgehog tips:

“There is so much happening at the moment that could affect hedgehogs – e.g. don’t leave pumpkins out for too many days after Halloween as it will give them upset tummies; if you’re having a bonfire, check underneath for any hedgehogs before lighting it and If you’re tidying up the garden be aware that hedgehogs might be sleeping in messy overgrown corners, under compact bushes or hedges, so be careful when you are digging in the spade or fork.”

And this link is a great source of information too:

Look out for Sue & Val’s hedgehog updates on the Giddings website!

Hedgehog Highway

A group of Oxfordshire villagers have devised a novel way of helping hedgehogs to move around freely away from the main road as they have created holes in their fences and walls so that hedgehogs can wander from garden to garden. Full article from the Observer dated 18th October: 

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