History Group Meeting

The Village History Group met on Wednesday 18th April and viewed the photographs that were “discovered” during the History Day, held in October 2011. The next occasion we meet will be Wednesday 19th September, when there will be a speaker on Local World War II airbases, everyone will be welcome to join us and, as details are still to be confirmed, there will be an update published in the July/August edition of the Parish News, and on this website.

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  1. For MichealT – ref your remarks on water supply, I was in gt gidding when it was laid on, 40’s/41, to get a more accurate date try school records to show my stay with the Redheads who lived first house on the right from Glatton end. The”Horse Pond” as it was known then seems smaller today, the fence was right up to the side of the pond as I used to launch my bathtub boat by hanging onto the rail to get in! This of course was only on saturdays when the Redheads were in Peterboro.
    The large thatched house shown in the photo was derelict and overgrown it was real scary to a ten year old pasing in the evening after playing down by the signpost.
    Ref the ww2 talks I wonder if the decoy runway made up of lights will be remembered, it was along the Winick road on the LH side just before the lone house.

    Keep up the History trail regards Ray Lee

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