How's the Giddings website performing?

In March 2012 the Giddings website was given a complete overhaul and brought into the 21st century with new technology that allows anyone in the village to update the site (with a little training and a password).

Google Analytics

Part of the update included the installation of Google Analytics coding on every page of the site. So how’s the website performing?

In the past 7 months (since the new look website was launched) the site has had almost 3,500 visitors with nearly 14,000 page views. The average duration of a visit is 3 minutes 55 seconds (average would be under 2 minuites) and the ‘bounce rate’ (the number of visitors that come to the site and immediately go away without clicking through to another page) is 41% – an average would be 50% – 60%. Pretty good stats for a village website.

Why not become an editor?

To keep the website performing well it needs plenty of new content added on a regular basis. If anyone would like to become an editor for the website or would like to set up their own village-related section (we have a section on the environment and newts for example) then please contact Paul or Krystyna and we’ll be happy to give you a short training session and set up a page/section for you.

Not just oldies!

In particular are there any younger members of the village who would like to contribute? We can set up your very own section and help you get started with your very own blog (village-related in some way!). Once again, contact Paul or Krystyna and we’ll be happy to give you a short training session and get you started.

So keep checking the website for news and event updates, and keep spreading the word.

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