Jubilee Wood winter maintenance

The Jubilee Wood continues to thrive, visitor numbers seem good and the only way I can tell this is by the path trails seem to be well trodden. Its been a strange growing year in so much as midway through July it looked like that was it as far as grass cutting and trimming was concerned. Very dry conditions and then the almighty thunderstorm that dropped 47mm of rain in a very short time span and then rain on and off until now has seen terrific growth of all plant life.

A brisk walk round this morning 8/10 sees autumn colours starting to appear particularly Viburnums and  Field Maples. The pond is gin clear and has hosted a good number of newts, crested and common and all the other small creatures that thrive in water and also a few four legged canine types.

Some dates to enter into your electronic diaries before this post drops off the main page. I suggest the 2/12/2017 and a follow up on the 9/12/2017 to trim and maintain elements of the Jubilee Wood. Clippers, loppers, strimmers, trimmers, saws, wheel barrows and any other garden maintenance equipment. As a bit of an inducement, refreshments .





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