Latest District Council report from Cllr Tim Alban


Although not primarily a District Council matter, I have again worked played my part in trying to tackle the immediate and medium term issues which were experienced in the ward – especially around Christmas.  

I am grateful for the feedback I received which I used as part of my report to the District Council’s Flooding Task & Finish Group. Whilst the Giddings might not have been hit as badly as the towns and villages in Huntingdonshire, especially those adjacent to the River Ouse, I am determined to let the council know that the north of the distict also has flooding issues which continue to need attention.


Again not a District Council issue but one I am contacted about and one where I do lobby the County Council.  Please report these via the County Council website.


I am a member of the Panel which scrutinised the District Council’s proposed application to take over some elements of parking enforcement in Huntingdonshire.  Along with all the other councillors on the panel I voted in favour of this measure which, if approved will allow the District Council to issue Civil Enforcement Notices to drivers who park their vehicles on double yellow lines. 

Council Tax 

This year, although the overall Council Tax we pay will go up, following a cross party (and nearly unanimous) vote for a 0% increase, the amount levied by the District Council won’t.

And finally…  

Spring is my favourite time of year, with the lighter and warmer days (well sometimes) and the hope of the brighter times to come.  This year, with the impressive vacination programme, the road map to the end of lock down and the continued contribution made by local support groups, local councils, as well as individual residents, those hoped for brighter times seem that much closer.

With best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Councillor Tim Alban

District Councillor for Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley Ward
(First contact for residents in Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley, Holme, Denton & Caldecote, Great & Little Gidding, Glatton and Connington).

Tel: 07913 101145 

(If you are a resident of Sibson-cum-Stibbington, Elton, Alwalton, Morborne, Haddon, Water Newton or Chesterton, please contact my fellow ward councillor Marge Beuttell in the first instance via

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