Les Goodwin

As many people already know, Les died suddenly at the beginning of January, at home here in Gidding, where he had lived for almost all his life.

His funeral will take place at Peterborough Crematorium on Wednesday, 7 February, at 2.00pm.

All are welcome at the service and at the gathering afterwards to celebrate Les’s life (venue to be confirmed).

We would love to hear any personal memories you may have of Les to help us create an appropriate Tribute to him and give him the farewell he deserves.

You can contact either:
Deni Underwood 01832 293240 or
Steve Smith on 01832 293196.

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    Hi Deni and Steve
    I am playing out my interview with the funeral director on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire tomorrow between 3 and 4pm I would love to hear from anyone who knew Les I have a feeling he was a radio Cambridgeshire listener. I hope there is someone who can help.
    Best regards

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    Les was our Neighbour and over the years became a great friend.
    On one particular occasion we were leaving our house to go to a family funeral.
    At the most inconvenient moment our front door lock broke and we were unable to secure the house.
    We asked Les if he would just keep an eye out to make we weren’t broken in to while at the Funeral.
    We returned later that day to find he had sat in his front garden all day in the sun guarding our house.
    This is just one of the many things he did for us and sums up his willingness to help anyone in the village.
    We shall miss him so much.
    He would have been slightly embarrassed of the attention he received at his service yesterday but would have
    Been incredibly humbled by the number of villagers and service men and women who came to lay their Brother in arms to rest. The Royal British Legion and everyone did him proud!

    Below is the Poem I wrote and read as our tribute to Les at his service.

    It has been our pleasure to know you.
    Be your neighbour for 17 years.
    To watch you tend your garden.
    Sometimes laugh until there were tears.

    You were constant in your happiness
    Never seen wearing a frown
    You gave your time to those others
    Who couldn’t always get around

    You were a man of loving companion
    Making memories with your lady May
    And we know you were heartbroken to lose her
    On the dawn of this years very first day.

    You served your Country proudly
    Joining the Royal Pioneers
    On completing your national service
    You Gave Perkins engines 44 of your years.
    We shall remember our many conversations
    When the same thing was said more than twice
    And in the same strong Fenniek dialect
    We say “much obliged, much obliged, much obliged”

    You were a man who wanted for nothing
    Lived your life content to “make do & mend”
    It is our honour to bid you farewell Les
    An honour for all of your Friends

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    That was lovely.

    Regards Robin B.

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