There is to be a Living History event involving Ancient Britons and Romans at the Flag Fen archaeological site over the May Bank Holiday weekend 4th – 6th May. You can find out about the site by looking on this website:

There is an amazing reconstruction of a Bronze Age Round House, and the Invading Romans will also be there collecting taxes and intimidating the locals! It is great for kids – they get the chance to chat to the soldiers, handle the equipment etc and the adults get the chance to learn a bit more about local history. For example, did you know that Queen Boudicca (sometimes known as Boudicea) was a local lass who rebelled against the Romans and very nearly won!

Veteran Legionary Martinus (See attached photo) will be there to tell you about it. You can take the mickey, by all means, but remember that the weapons are the real thing!

You don’t have to book, just turn up, and we hope lots of people will come along.

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